Wedding Invitations and Social Media| Winston Salem Wedding Planner| Katrina McCullum

With today’s plethora of social media sites, it could be confusing keeping your wedding information in the correct etiquette form. It is so easy to make an event page and just invite everyone. This is a NO NO. Wedding invitations should not be sent out by email or by social media sites. No matter how informal your wedding may be. A paper invitation is still called for.
Be careful of giving out too much information via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Your wedding should have a wow factor for your guess. They shouldn’t know every detail before the actual wedding. By saying “Wow” factor, I don’t mean “Going all out” Simply keeping your wedding information private until the wedding. Certain members of your family and wedding party should only have that information.

It is okay to have guest email their intent to attend or decline your event. Some find this quicker and easier than mailing back the rsvp card. However the rsvp should be included with the invitaion on a seperate card as you would with a traditional inviation.

I hope this information helps you with the ever growing world of social media. Happy Planning!



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