Why Did I Get Married?|

The reasons for marriage are personal. Normally it involves love, devotion, friendship, family and commitment. Everyone has there own reasons for getting married. I am hoping they are all good reasons. Only you can say why you got married. I want to discuss the importance of having a wedding ceremony and reception.

Having a wedding ceremony brings to the family together in support of the couples marriage. Your guest are witnesses of your wedding vows to one another. If you have a religious ceremony this is proclaim of your union before God with your friends and family to support your marriage10410172_10152908803369292_6984835062070625058_n (2)

The purpose of your reception is the celebration of your union. Your familes joined. Your first dance, your first meal together. A celebration of your new life together/

Couples get overwhelmed with trying to impress and out do another couple. Brides get overwhelmed with the myth of a perfect wedding. Magazines, blogs,forums all telling you the latest trend that you must include in your wedding. Everyone forgets the sole reason for getting married.

I am a wedding planner and coordinator so I am all for pretty things and organization. But the most important thing is the union and celebration of your relationship and declaration to love one another to death do you part. I feel it is very important to have the support of the ones that will be close to you to help you honor your vows.

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