Cautions of Hiring Your Wedding Vendors-Avoid Wedding Scams

Cautions of wedding planningPlanning your wedding is stressful enough with all that you have to do. You will be contacted by lots of vendors who want to be a part of your wedding.As with any business there are many good professionals, but occasionally someone slips in to make the rest of us look bad.  Here are things you should keep and eye out for when hiring your vendors. Price is a major sway when booking many vendors but whether they are ubber cheap or high end pricey keep your eye out and beware. We listed the top three wedding scams to beware.

1. Show me your work.Remember in school you had to show your work to explain how you got your answer. Well, this should work in the real world too. The vendor will most likely share their portfolio or perhaps you viewed their websites to see their previous work. If the vendor does not have a few pictures of the same decor or wedding beware it is probably not their work. The vendor should be able to tell you a little about picture, of course not everything but a good deal. They should be able to tell you at least one vendor who worked with them on that particular wedding, event or project. If the vendor is a florist or maybe a baker they wouldn’t have loads of pictures from a wedding but they can at least tell you the photographer or the photographers watermark would be on the photo.

*Tip: You can Google actual pictures. So if a picture is listed on their facebook page or they email you with a picture, you can simply google to see if it really belongs to their company.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket- Another popular one is the One Stop Shops. The concept is you pay one vendor (mainly the wedding planner) to do everything and book everything and you just simply show up. Yes, there are some legit one stop shops out there, but keep in mind you are paying this one vendor and they are supposed to pay your vendors for you. Caution, sign the contracts yourself and know who your vendors are. Ask for a receipt from the vendors once the “planner” pays for services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, what payment schedule are your vendors on. Do the vendors get paid just before your wedding when you have paid for everything months ago… beware.

3. No this is not pictures of my work but I can create them for you. Copycats are everywhere and will swear they can duplicate the David Tutera image for a small budget. Anyone can copy, a true pro loves to come up with their own ideas and work. The vendor will show you these gorgeous images and promise the same results but has nothing to back it up. Even a novice and whip up something even if they don’t have professional pictures.

Always check references, check with other vendors in the same industry, check with past brides if necessary. Do not always depend on online reviews.If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Listen to your guy, it normally does not steer you wrong. We recommend buying wedding insurance it will protect you in case you run into one of these frauds.

Happy Planning!