5 Tips on Keeping On Budget|Triad Wedding Planner

Budget bridesProbably the most stressful part of a wedding is your wedding budget. No matter if you have 10K or 50K, you still want to stick to your boundaries.

Here are the  5 basic rules to sticking to your budget

1. Priorities– Decide what is most important to you. With Pinterest, inspiration shoots and all the blogs it is hard to keep focus on what you really want the most. It is very easy to get distracted. Make a clear plan of what you want your wedding to be. If you are not sure hire a wedding planner or designer to help you get started.

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2. Be realistic– You can’t have everything, there… I said it. This goes back to number one. If you only have a 5K budget then no you can’t have the Swarovski crystal,  blinged out, seven tiered wedding cake. Find afforadable alternatives to create the look. Speak with your vendors be honest with your budget and let them help you decide how to get the best for your dollars.

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3.Guest list– The more you invite, the more it is going to cost. I always say,”Imagine you are handing your guest cash as they walk in your reception”. Would you hand them a hundred dollar bill…two hundred? Now you are questioning how close you really are to ……… oops,  you forgot her name already. Rule of thumb is if they are not active in your life, do not invite. Don’t feel bad about not inviting co-workers or distant relatives that you haven’t spoken to in years.

4. Impulse Shopping– This is the quickest way to blow your budget. You are out shopping and you see the cutest (insert item here) that would go perfect with your wedding. You are not quite sure where you will use it but you will find a way to make it work. Sound familiar?

images (5)5. Competition- Don’t try to keep up with the Jones, that is the quickest way to blow your budget. Keep focused. Just because Sarah had the this big shindig with over 300 guest doesn’t mean you should.

Think of you and your fiance’ as a team. Make your wedding reflect you. Think of unique elements you could incorporate in your wedding that speaks of you as a unity. Your guest should say, “Oh this is so them.”