What Does Being A Bridesmaid Mean|Triad Wedding Planner

rubysweddingCongratulations!! You have been asked to be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. It is easy to jump up and say “YES”, but think before accepting. Being a bridesmaid can be loads of fun if you find out what is expected of you from the beginning. It is a lot more than just standing up there with the bride as she says her’ “I Do’s”.

What does it cost to be a bridesmaid? Financial cost will depend on the bride and the wedding itself but here are cost I am sure you never considered…

  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Time

Emoticons1.Emotional- Do you agree with the marriage? Yes, this matters and something no one ever addresses.  If you don’t feel the two should be getting married, then your heart is not in it. You do not support them and that is all the thing that matters the most. If you do not agree, will you keep your feelings to yourself to support your friend, sister, cousin, etc… more than likely not…some day your true feelings will seep out and could possible ruin your relationship with the bride.

Will you be there emotional for the bride? Brides go through a roller coaster of emotions and they need support all around. From decisions about the wedding to feeling overwhelmed. Remember you are part of the team to get the bride to the alter with as little stress as possible.  This also means not fighting the bride about the choices she makes about the dresses and other decisions.

breakthepiggy2. Financial-Can you afford to be a bridesmaid. It is not only the dress you must purchase. It may also include your hair, shoes, make up, bridal shower & bachelorette party contribution and wedding gift. If you can not afford it, don’t take on the burden and respectful decline. You should find out an estimated cost before you make any decisions but if you know you can’t afford it explain to the bride why you are declining. She will be grateful for your honesty and you both won’t have any regrets.

Photo from MountainSide Bride

Photo from MountainSide Bride

3. Time- Being a bridesmaid is not just looking pretty, it is time consuming. Be prepared to help the bride with things leading up to the wedding as well as on the wedding day. The bride may want you to help her go gown shopping, help with making DIY projects for the wedding and other wedding activities. Find out what your bridal duties will be up to and the day of the wedding.  If you are not available (If you live in town) then by all means do not accept.

The bottom line is to know what to expect when becoming a bridesmaid. If you are up to the task it is a wonderful experience and honor.

Happy Planning!