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Local bellydancer: Xena

A fun way to add flaire to your wedding is to bring in some entertainment. Belly dancers, ball room dancers, magicians, specialty bands are just a few examples of what you could choose. Choose your entertainment from your wedding theme, you hobbies or your personality.

Always check with your venue to make sure what you have planned is allowed and ask if you need any permits. If you have an older crowd you may want to include entertainment and exclude dancing. Another time to include entertainment is during dinner or if you schedule is tight. Whatever you choose have fun with it, think outside of the box.



Broadcast your wedding

In the past we blogged about reducing cost of your wedding by reducing your guest list you can review the article here. How many of your closest friends and relatives are there on your 150 guest count. We must admit, we want everyone to share this most precious moment of our lives. You don’t want to invite people to your ceremony and not to the reception. We are talking anywhere from $40 to $96 per guest for dinner at venues also providing catering services. Now lets add in linens (chair covers, napkins, etc), favors, place cards, invitation, and thank you notes…just to start. You just added maybe another $20 for one person.
Wow, didn’t think of that did you.

So what do you do? If you really just want people to see the ceremony.

Broadcast your wedding live!

There are several broadcasting networks to use for your wedding. is one of the few out there. The basic package begins at $349. You can have up to 50 viewers and on demand access for up to 30 days after your wedding.

If you are a DIY bride you have the option to receive the equiptment and handle everything yourself. You can also provide the name of your videographer and have IdoStream and the videographer take care of everything. If you do not have a videographer IdoStream is partnered with over 200 videographers throughout the United States that would be happy to work with you.

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Picture Courtesy of IDO Originals

A very popular and personal way to make your wedding a hit, a designed monogram. You have seen them everywhere… “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway”, “Platinum Weddings” and bridal magazines everywhere. If you don’t have a theme to use throughout your design, a monogram is a great way to go. Use them on your invitations, your wedding cake, napkins,favors, aisle runner, any way you see fit.

Ido Originals makes customized monograms at a very reasonable cost. Not only will they design your monogram, but you can also get your aisle runner, banners and even parasols, how fabulous is that.

Ways to save on your budget

We are all feeling the economy pinch. How can you save your wedding without giving up the glamour? You don’t have to pick the plain linens or go with the venues chairs. You can still have a great wedding that will have your guest feeling impressed. Your guest list is the first that needs to go on a diet. While it is hard to choose and everyone wants to attend your wedding. Begin with your family members. I know your parents have alot to do with this, but if you have not talked to your third cousin in over three years there is no reason why they should be on the guest list. Your co-workers can enjoy the pictures at the break room table or online while your boss is in a meeting. Try cutting your guest list in half or if that is too much for you, begin reducing it by 20. Keep the cut list handy for the B-list just in case you receive a “will not attend” with the RSVP. This act alone will do wonders for your budget. Did you know for most hotels, catering begins at $40 per person?

What comes first…

Photo by Red Ribbon Studio
Now that he has popped the question and you have spread the wonderful news; the confusion of what to do first creeps into mind. Well the first thing to do is set a wedding date, secondly decide if you feel you need a wedding coordinator or planner. Discuss with you planner the type of wedding you desire, if you have a theme in mind and your budget. If you have a specific place in mind that you absolutely must have your wedding and/or reception, your wedding date should be flexible. If you wedding date is not flexible you should begin visiting venues right away. The most popular venues book up quickly. Have your wedding coordinator set up appointments for you. A good wedding planner will have you visit venues based on your budget and style. This way you don’t waste alot of time visiting places that just don’t fit. Take lots of pictures (if the venue allows it), you can always refer to your pictures when making your final decision. Ask the catering or event manager if they have pictures of previous weddings. This will help you visualize if the venue is not set up for a wedding during your visit. If this is an outside venue be sure to ask what is the backup plan. Just in case of inclement weather always have a backup plan. Be sure to visit the back up plan. Make sure there is plenty of space. You don’t want people climbing over each other to move around.
Here are some key questions to ask a during your visit:

1. Are there enough outlets for audio/visual equipment? Is the power supply sufficient for DJ and/or Band?

2. Does the venue provide a microphone?

3. Will the room accommodate the number of people comfortably?

4. Are outside caters allowed?

5. Can you provide your own alcohol? If you do what is the serving charge per person?

6. If there are any renovations scheduled during your date, or will be finished before your date?

7. Do they provide linens and glassware? Can the linen colors be changed? What is the fee?

8. Is there handicapped facilities? Can a bride fit into stalls wearing a wedding dress?

9. Will there be any staff present on your date?

10.Does the venue supply janitorial service? If not how much time do you have to clean up? Is the time included in your reception time frame?

11. What is the hourly fee if your ceremony and/or reception runs late?

12. What is your deposit amount? Late fees? Is your deposit refundable?

13. Is there a private room or place the bride and bridesmaid can change?

14. Is there a kitchen available? Can food be prepared and/or stored there?

15. Do you have enough time to view the contract and make a decision?

These are some of the key questions to ask your venue manager. Always inspect the cleanliness of the site and the site grounds. If there is anything that concerns you be sure to mention it. Be sure to get a business card or email address and phone number, you may have a question after you have left the site. If you have a planner/coordinator have them review your contracts before you sign them if the service is offered. Remember this is a happy occasion and you shouldn’t stress. Have Fun!

Love is in the air…. and ON AIR

We always want the swooning, romantic, OMG proposal. We even have professionals to help create the most memorable moment of our lives. For the guys it is all of that and the ultimate surprise. I think this weatherman hit all of the above. Check out the video I found on yahoo.
Emily Leonard is ABC morning anchor and Matt Laubhand is the CBS weatherman in Texas.

Every detail counts.

I can’t tell you how many times brides round the end of the planning process and rather it be budget issues or that they are just tired of planning but they want to give up on the little details that make the wedding pop. Many venues have their own linens and where as it is easy to go with what they have it may not got with your decor. Would the white and black solid linens that the venue provide compare to the vintage lace and Charmeuse sage linens you could have ordered. Now yes, there is a major price difference between the two but it makes a major difference at your reception. If budget is the concern, this is where your planner steps in. Lighting, linens, chairs, napkins, monograms, etc. are just a few of the minor details that can be overlooked towards the end. Go for the wow factor.


Perfect in Nature. Lucky in Love.

Tomorrow is the date sought out by brides everywhere, July 7, 2007. Some believe this to be a lucky day. The number seven is considered positive among some religious and cultural groups. The date happens only once every 100 years. Vendors have doubled the amount of business they usual would have for this month. Brides have held out getting married just so they can be wed on this day. They have encorporated the number seven throughout their wedding. Officiants will be busy for 24 hours marrying lucky couples before the clock reaches midnight The brides that were lucky enough to secure this popular day will be a part of history.