10 Ways To Save Money During Wedding Planning| Triad Wedding Planner

Savings1. Choose and off season date- Try to avoid the “popular” dates and holidays.

2. Choose flowers that are in season and less expensive blooms. Instead of Peonies try roses. Use flowers that are fuller such as hydrangeas. Talk to your florist about using greenery.

3. Keep your guest list small- Always remember you are paying for each and every single guest. Not only will this cut down on cost of catering but decor and space as well.

4. Consider having your wedding on a weekday instead of the weekend. The weekend is the most popular dates, especially Saturday nights. You can save big time by choosing a less traditional day.creative-non-floral-wedding-centerpieces-28

5.Choose non floral table centerpieces-  Lanterns, candles, branches, plants…even books. Get creative. Find what represents you.

6. Consider having a daytime  wedding. By having the ceremony and the reception earlier and they day can cut cost extensively. You can save on venue, catering and bar cost. Most people aren’t expecting a large bar earlier in the day.

7. Buy things on sale. Coupons and sales are your friend. But don’t limit it there. Visit your local bridal shows. Participating vendors usually have s some type of deal for brides that attend. Also follow your vendors social media pages, sometimes they offer deals and contest on their pages.

8. D.I.Y doesn’t equal money saved. Sure doing things yourself can be fun… but it doesn’t always mean you are saving money. The cost of materials and trial and error can become costly. Not to mention the stress. If you are used to crafting, this shouldn’t be a problem.However, if you are a novice you may want to go ahead and hire the professional. Choose your projects wisely. Things like your cake, flowers, etc. should really be handled by the experts.

 “I thought DIY was the way to save too, however, now that we are 8 weeks away and a few failed DIY projects in, we realize that the stress and time are sometimes NOT worth the few pennies saved. In fact, DIYing things does not necessarily mean money saved. I wish I knew that going into this.”

9. Keep your favors simple- I can’t count the amount of times I have packed up left over favors or reminded guest to take their favors as they are leaving. . If you really want to have them… keep it simple. D.I.Y. or choose and edible favor. Double your  favors as escort cards if you are assigning seating. 1371600-champagne

10. Skip the champagne toast. Your guest can toast with whatever is in their glasses. So much champagne goes wasted. Not everyone drinks it, nor finishes it.

We hope these tips will come in handy.

Happy Planning!


Cancellation Policies |Triad Wedding Planner- Made of Honor Weddings

cancellation-policyRecently I met with a potential client and during our meeting it was revealed that they cancelled a wedding previously and had another planner. Of course I’m curious to know which of my colleagues they were referring to and why had they not chose to continue services with them. They continued to tell me the reason… they cancelled and the planner had the gall to keep the deposit…gasp!

Now, here is where I could have fallen into the gossip trap and have this potential client feeling this was okay. Instead I defended my competitor. The truth is most vendors have this policy. Most business have this policy to some extent. cancellation_policy

Read your contract thoroughly before signing. If you have questions be sure to ask. Even though your vendor has yet to do the grand finale; your date has been blocked and in the planners case, work has been done. Once your date is booked,  it is taken off the calendar. This looses potential income if you should decide to cancel your wedding. Most vendors have one or two weddings during the weekend and depending on when you cancel it would be hard to try to re-book that date. The best thing to do is read through your contract thoroughly. If you just need to change your date, ask your vendor about their policy. Be sure to find out what is the deadline to reschedule your date and how far in the future can you reschedule. Fingers crossed that you never have to cancel.

Happy Planning!

Mentioning the Unmentionables

Besides your shoes and your wedding dress, what you hide underneath is just as important. You want it to lift what is suppose to, tuck what it needs to…and give your gown the beautiful silhouette it deserves. Whatever you decide to put over your birthday suit you want it to fit and feel comfortable.
View ImageYou don’t want to constantly tugging or pulling up your bra and if you are wearing a long line bra you don’t want it to roll or bunch.
The style of your gown will depend on the type of undergarment you will need. For a slimmer form-fitting dress you may want to consider body shapers.
View ImageFor a fuller look,  you will want a crinoline slip. Be careful, some gowns already have them in the lining. You may also want to consider the weather. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the summer you may not want to have all of that underneath your gown.

David’s Bridal Full Length Control Slip

Whatever you chose make sure its perfect for the dress and for your body.

Happy Planning!

Space…The Final Frontier

Okay its not the final but it should be the first thing you have in mind when you are booking a venue. Here are some tips on the things you need to consider when booking your venue.

1. Does it fit your budget? Your reception will take up the majority of your budget. This includes the venue, food, decor, etc. . The majority of bridal magazines say your reception should fall around 45 to 47%. So do not take up most of that on your venue. Unless, it is so spectacular you don’t need much decor…which brings me to ….

The Hermitage: Throne Hall by Uhu

2. How much space needs decor? Some venues are just one big, wide, open space and in order to transfer it you need draping, dance floor, tables and chairs…you get the point it starts to add up. The bigger the space the more you need to fill it. If your ceremony and reception are in same building that is great. You also need to consider, the entrance, the cocktail area, the reception area, are you going to have a lounge? If your cocktail area and your reception are not in the same area then you need to consider your bartender. Are there more than one? Do they have a portable bar?

3. What does the venue include? Does the venue include your tables and chairs? Always ask to see the space. Always ask to see the tables and chairs. Are they standard chairs (consider this when ordering chair covers). Do they have the tables you want? Most brides use the traditional round tables, but the venue may have square tables. Which means less people at a table, and more tables, and linens.

There are many other aspects you need to keep in mind while choosing your venue. You can learn more in our upcoming IDO Bridal Tea.