Wedding Insurance: Why You Need It| Katrina McCullum, Wedding Planner

You have car insurance, health insurance, home insurance…why not have insurance for a big investment of your wedding? Many things can happen during and up until the wedding day. Some things are beyond your control. imagesDepending on what region you reside you are faced with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, etc. and that is just weather related issues.

-What if your vendor doesn’t show up?

-What if you have a death in the family?

– What if you or your spouse get very sick?

-What if your venue goes out of business before your wedding and you can’t retrieve your deposit?

-What if one of your vendors (such as  your photographer) doesn’t deliver the goods after your wedding is over


-What if  your wedding dress is damaged or the grooms tux does not arrive?

Wedding insurance covers your investments and can reimburse expenses you have incurred. You can check to see what coverage your venue and  your vendors already have, but see if it covers you as well.

Go over your coverage in detail with your insurance agent to see what it will and will not cover. For instance your engagement ring won’t be covered or if either of you get cold feet and call off the wedding. Planning your wedding is a huge investment no matter what budget, make sure you have it covered.

Happy Planning

Create A Spectacular Nostalgic Wedding|Childhood Memory Themes| Katrina McCullum, Wedding Planner

If you are like me, you are a giant kid at heart. I refuse to grow up (in theory) So what would be the best way for a kid at heart to have a ball at their wedding? Let’s take it back to when times where simple and life was fun.

  •  Name your tables after your favorite cartoons, video games, books, songs, places, etc. You get the point, your tables don’t have to just have numbers. Walk your guest down memory lane.

    Click Here For Photo Source

    Click Here For Photo Source

  •  Wedding Games are fun for the young and old. If you are having an outdoor reception, incorporate some lawn games that your guest can enjoy.


  • Tandem Bikes- Well since it wouldn’t be wise to make your wedding getaway on the handle bars, tandem bikes are the next best thing and great for the environment.
  • Ice Cream Bar at WeddingsIce Cream Bar– Set up and Ice cream bar or contract and ice cream truck to be present, especially on a hot day or an outdoor reception. Your guest will love it.

  •  A wedding pinata, who didn’t like whacking a pinata. These are a step up from the typical pinatas you found at a party store. You can have them custom made to include your colors, theme and even your monogram. Fill them with favors or if your hosting an ” adult only” reception small plastic bottles of alcohol.93e4f8d4cd74ec332156eef2ebe45d6c
  • image

  • Paper Fortune Telling Favors– You can not forget the fortune telling and notes. Leave them on each table setting, telling a little about yourselves or private notes to your guest if you have the time.


  • Old school music– Make a list of your favorite songs from your childhood to play exclusively or mix in with modern songs. Your guest will love reminiscing along with you.
Click Here For Photo Credit

Click Here For Photo Credit

  •  Mad Libs about the wedding couple– you know how it goes fill on adverbs, nouns, verbs and adjectives and enjoy the laughs as you read the stories that include you and your spouse. ( Yep…by the time they play this game, you will be Mr. And Mrs.)
  • Puzzle pieces sign in table– Have your guest sign and write notes on puzzle pieces. Later you and your spouse could read them while putting the puzzle together. You could glue it and hand it on display or keep them as pieces and enjoy playing over and over again.

    Bourbon Marshmallow S’mores with Bacon. Click For Photo Source and recipe

    Click For Photo Source

    Champagne and Popsicles       Click For Photo Source

  • Have some of your favorite desserts with a kick. Enjoy some your favorite desserts… with alcohol.

Whether your wedding is inside or outside, use some or all of these ideas to kick off your nostalgic wedding.

Here are some other themes to bring back childhood weddings

  • Camp theme wedding- think smores, arts and crafts, canoe and badges.
  • Carnival Wedding- think games, tiny stuffed animal favors, carnival finger food…can you say cotton candy cocktails.
  • Circus theme wedding- think wedding entertainment, popcorn, tents, clown noses.

Each week we will touch basis on these themes and more. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Happy Planning!

5 ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding!

Sakura Photography

Every once in a while. I get a couple who doesn’t know what to do about children at their wedding or event. They feel awkward for not wanting them to attend or they truly don’t know what to do with them. Do not fret, you are not alone… after all there will be alcohol being served and you want your guest to enjoy themselves without looking out for kids. On the other hand we have those offended guest, who will not leave home without the little bundles of joy, especially if they are traveling a distance to attend your nuptials. As a wedding planner it is my job to uphold any law that my couple sees fit to implement on their wedding day… but just in case here are few suggestions to keep everyone happy.

  • Have a separate space or room just for children. Ask if the venue has any additional space that may be included. This way they can run, laugh, play and be children. You could even decorate it to mock a mini reception for the kiddies.
  • Hire an Event sitter~ These are trained and/or experienced individuals hire specifically to keep the children entertained and out the way. I would say 1 person per 6 children. There may be one or two children who can’t bare to be without their parents. So don’t feel offended if one roams in to find their parents. “Parents, it’s okay to leave your children, at first they will cry or fret but they will be okay.” says Hilda Alexander of Jax Couture Events.
  • Bring DVD’s fit for children. Make sure your venue has a television and a DVD player you can borrow or ask if you can bring your own.
  • Age appropriate activities~ Depending on the ages you want to keep the child’s attention.. coloring books,  board games, arts and crafts and children books.
  • Food~ A child is not going to care if you have hand corn-fed duckling al la mode…they like chicken fingers, french fries,cheese pizza, and hamburgers.  Please make sure you follow the parents dietary needs and/or food restrictions. Make sure not to use anything that has peanuts.

(Bonus Tip) If you have a handful of children make them a gift take home as a favor. You can even customize them with their names. You may even ask the photographer or their assistant to pop in to snap some shots. Those pictures are priceless. Companies that offer event sitting: Jax Couture Events (Hilda Alexander) Jacksonville, FL Lil Tux N’ Tiara’s Event Sitting (Simone M. Robinson-Ross) New York Happy Planning!!

Your Wedding Colors|Wedding Color Schemes |Katrina McCullum, Wedding Planner

Have you been having the lingering question…How do I choose my wedding colors? It may be very simple for some, but for others it may come as a challenge. Your wedding pallet will help set the foundation for your entire wedding. You will coordinate everything from your save the dates to your thank you cards. On the blog today we are showing you some easy and fun ways to choose your wedding color combination. images 1. Use your favorite colors. It is a simple as that. Do you have colors that your drawn to? Combine your favorite colors or you and your fiances favorite colors.

2. Use Inspiration around you. Color inspiration is all around in our surroundings. Check out Interior design magazines, Use paint cards. Look in your closet or the decor in your home, pay attention to all the color patterns. z204182-1 3. Play with color boards on sights like…

Dessy-Pantone-Color-Fan-Guide-1 4. Pantone Color guide-   I love this little tool. Mix and match colors to get the right layout.

5. Time of season- Use the seasons of the year to determine your colors. Spring and Summer colors are usually ranging from pastels to bright vibrant colors. Fall and Winter colors are usually much darker and richer.

Remember in wedding planning always have fun and don’t get stressed out.

Happy Planning!

How to Make Your Ceremony Memorable|Katrina McCullum Wedding Planner


Good Morning, We are very excited to be included in Natalie Bradley’s Blog Hop. Today’s topic is How To Make Your Ceremony Memorable. 

Ceremony with diy decor

Photo Credit from Cloud 9 Studios

Most of your planning time is spent on details of your reception, after all the reception is the biggest (as far as time) part of your wedding day. However, your ceremony is the most important, it is the whole reason for the grand celebration. Don’t feel you should rush through it. Even though it is the shortest part of the day, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be memorable. Here are some tips to make your ceremony memorable, meaningful and spectacular.

1. Find the right person to officiate your wedding. Depending on your religious preferences do some shopping around. If you already have a Pastor, Priest, Rabbi etc. speak with them in advance to find out the requirements for them to perform the wedding. They can help you choose from many types of ceremonies such as unity candle, rose ceremony, salt ceremony and plenty of others.  You may want to find an officiant, speak with them in detail to see if they are the right fit for your wedding. You may want to ask a family member or a friend to get ordained over the internet to marry you. Be sure to pick someone responsible and have a back up plan. Check the laws of your state to make sure the wedding will still be legal if you are going this route.



2. Write your own vows. Oh yes, this is important. The standard vows are fine but speaking from the heart adds so much more… love.

3. Don’t skimp on the decor for your ceremony. Once again all the focus is usually on the reception and many may just go with “what they have”. If it is a gorgeous site okay but don’t just leave it plain. Add a canopy, hoopa, candles. Buy a wedding runner with a monogram or have a monogram or design in flower petals. Consider other ways to set up the chairs.

Photo courtesy of Nicole

Photo courtesy of Erin Nicole Photography

4. Keep your guest in mind. You want to make sure your guest are comfortable. If you are having an outdoor ceremony check the weather and always have a back up plan. Consider heaters if it will be too cold or fans if it will be too hot. Serve a refreshment when guest arrive. Try not to have your guest waiting too long before the ceremony starts.

Click for Photo Credit

Click for Photo Credit

5. The style of your wedding will determine the type of music you play. If it is not too formal choose songs that are truly meaningful to you are your groom. I am sure you have seen all the wonderful videos of ceremony entrances, if that is your style have fun.

Ceremony music at Club Continental in Orange Park Fl

Photo courtesy of Erin Nicole Photography.

There are many more ways to make your ceremony special these are just a few suggestions. Savor the moment and don’t rush it.

Happy Planning!

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The Involved Groom|Triad Wedding Planner

groom1Yes Brides! There is such thing… I am not making it up. There are some grooms who are very active in the wedding planning process and enjoy it. Nope, they aren’t dragged in kicking and screaming. They actually have opinions about what the wedding day will look like besides how they will look and how the cake will taste. While this may be a dream for some brides, I can see some of you gawking in horror. It is perfectly okay, and here is how to plan your wedding day in harmony. Let’s say… the date and your wedding colors have been chosen. 1. Take his opinions into consideration….after all it is his wedding too. 2. Compromise is the key if you are not seeing eye to eye. 3. Let him choose his grooms cake design. 4. Come up with a list of duties he can accomplish such as choose tux, book the dj, ask to set vendor appointments and include him on wedding errands. 5. Work together to make the ceremony meaningful. Take this a start to planning your life together. When things get stressful, always remember why you love each other and why you are getting married. Happy Planning

10 Great Wedding Planning Apps | Triad Wedding Planner

 Yes, There’s An App For That!

Wedding planning has changed over the years. Now you can do just about anything at your fingertips. Wedding Apps make it easy for you to plan, organize and communicate  on the go. Here are just a few of my favorite wedding planning apps for Android and Apple.

1. Appy Couple (IOS and Android, Free) – Appy couple helps you organize, coordinate, plan with this great app. Organize your guest list and have guest interact with you. AppyPics_Gallery_3_7_0 Pinterest- Share and create great inspiration boards. Gather information and share or create a private board and invite who you want to view.

Wedding Countdown- Nothing gets you excited quite like a countdown to your “I DO’S”Wedding countdown app The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (IOS, Free) Stay organized, manage your budget. You can also get great ideas and inspiration from this wedding Wedpic- (Android, IOS)- Gather all of our guest photos and videos of your wedding in one spot. – Guest can upload pics and videos of the day to your wedding and share them with you and fellow guest. screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-11-28-45-am Wedding Wire – Search and review wedding vendors. Make and manage your checklist, budget and RSVP’s. weddingwire

TableTopPlanner– Create a floor plan including your dance floor and cake table and assign guest to tables.tabletop

Our Wedding Planner (Android, Free)- Manage your guest list, to-do list, budget, vendors and import all your guests directly from your phone contacts and manage the invitations that have been sent, received and pending as well as assign tables for guests to sit.

Pro Wedding Planner

proweddingplanner myPantone Wedding & Events, (IOS)Wedding planning app
These apps can certainly help you organize and keep your wedding details in one place. But even with today’s technology, you certainly don’t want to miss that one on one contact with those involved in the planning. What is your favorite App?

Happy Planning!

Ways to Keep Calm During Wedding Planning| Triad Wedding Planner

keep-calm-and-de-stress--11Let’s face it, wedding planning can be very stressful. The meetings, planning, budgeting… decisions, decisions, decisions. Everyone opinions are flying around about your big day. Before you go pulling your hair out, here are some ways to de-stress during the wedding planning process.

1. Hire professionals. In particular a whire a wedding planner (plug in). A wedding planner should help you make the right decisions and hire capable vendors that fit into your budget. Once you have a team of professionals all there is to do is wait on the big day.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things are going to come up. Things are going to happen. You will feel like nothing is going your way. It will be okay. It will work out.

3. Opinions are like _____ and every has one. You will get the most unsolicited advice regarding your wedding. you chose the wrong color, the wrong theme… when I did my wedding…. when  i waaas  a bridesmaid…etc. Some advice may be helpful, while others… well  it just makes things more complicated. Stick with your vision and don’t try to make everyone happy. You simply can’t.

4. Take a break. That is right take a break. Every month, week, day, hour does not have to be engulfed in wedding planning. You have to take a breather from it. No Pinterest, no magazines, no wedding reality shows….no wedding stuff period. Take some time to just enjoy being engage. Trust me, it is so worth it.

5. Be realistic and flexible with the expectations of your wedding party and those assisting you. Don’t schedule every weekend for D.I.Y projects for your wedding. Be clear on what you expect with your wedding  party from the beginning.

6. Schedule a relaxing massage. Or if you and your fiance’ are great at it, give each other a massage.

7. Find a person you can trust to vent. We all get frustrated. We all need to talk.. Don’t hold it in.

8. Take up yoga, meditation etc. de-stress

9. Take a mini vacation. you and your future spouse take off for the weekend. You can focus on the two ( or more if you have a family).

Find what works for you. Tell us how you de-stressed on during your wedding planning.


Happy Planning!

What Does Being A Bridesmaid Mean|Triad Wedding Planner

rubysweddingCongratulations!! You have been asked to be a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. It is easy to jump up and say “YES”, but think before accepting. Being a bridesmaid can be loads of fun if you find out what is expected of you from the beginning. It is a lot more than just standing up there with the bride as she says her’ “I Do’s”.

What does it cost to be a bridesmaid? Financial cost will depend on the bride and the wedding itself but here are cost I am sure you never considered…

  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Time

Emoticons1.Emotional- Do you agree with the marriage? Yes, this matters and something no one ever addresses.  If you don’t feel the two should be getting married, then your heart is not in it. You do not support them and that is all the thing that matters the most. If you do not agree, will you keep your feelings to yourself to support your friend, sister, cousin, etc… more than likely not…some day your true feelings will seep out and could possible ruin your relationship with the bride.

Will you be there emotional for the bride? Brides go through a roller coaster of emotions and they need support all around. From decisions about the wedding to feeling overwhelmed. Remember you are part of the team to get the bride to the alter with as little stress as possible.  This also means not fighting the bride about the choices she makes about the dresses and other decisions.

breakthepiggy2. Financial-Can you afford to be a bridesmaid. It is not only the dress you must purchase. It may also include your hair, shoes, make up, bridal shower & bachelorette party contribution and wedding gift. If you can not afford it, don’t take on the burden and respectful decline. You should find out an estimated cost before you make any decisions but if you know you can’t afford it explain to the bride why you are declining. She will be grateful for your honesty and you both won’t have any regrets.

Photo from MountainSide Bride

Photo from MountainSide Bride

3. Time- Being a bridesmaid is not just looking pretty, it is time consuming. Be prepared to help the bride with things leading up to the wedding as well as on the wedding day. The bride may want you to help her go gown shopping, help with making DIY projects for the wedding and other wedding activities. Find out what your bridal duties will be up to and the day of the wedding.  If you are not available (If you live in town) then by all means do not accept.

The bottom line is to know what to expect when becoming a bridesmaid. If you are up to the task it is a wonderful experience and honor.

Happy Planning!

Jacksonville Weddings~Michelle and Jennifer


Jennifer and Michelle renewed their vows of their legal wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, FL on October 21, 2012. It was a short sweet ceremony followed by a great reception. I especially loved the flower “ladies” (shown in the short platinum dresses above),


Divine Design Indulgence Cakes made the cupcakes you see about. In several assorted flavors, sure to please everyone. image


IMG_0060 (1)IMG_0868

Jennifer and Michelle’s main concern for their reception was the food and beverage. They did not want their guest waiting or hungry. Upon arrival the guest were greeted with passed appetizers and open bar. Guest were then ushered into the courtyard for the ceremony.
Once the ceremony was over, more food and drinks were served. Once the Brides and the wedding party arrived and the first dances were over… several food stations were open so guest would not have to wait, and had different types of food to choose from. They even had a coffee bar to party throughout the night.

The vendors