Wedding Insurance: Why You Need It| Katrina McCullum, Wedding Planner

You have car insurance, health insurance, home insurance…why not have insurance for a big investment of your wedding? Many things can happen during and up until the wedding day. Some things are beyond your control. imagesDepending on what region you reside you are faced with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, etc. and that is just weather related issues.

-What if your vendor doesn’t show up?

-What if you have a death in the family?

– What if you or your spouse get very sick?

-What if your venue goes out of business before your wedding and you can’t retrieve your deposit?

-What if one of your vendors (such as  your photographer) doesn’t deliver the goods after your wedding is over


-What if  your wedding dress is damaged or the grooms tux does not arrive?

Wedding insurance covers your investments and can reimburse expenses you have incurred. You can check to see what coverage your venue and  your vendors already have, but see if it covers you as well.

Go over your coverage in detail with your insurance agent to see what it will and will not cover. For instance your engagement ring won’t be covered or if either of you get cold feet and call off the wedding. Planning your wedding is a huge investment no matter what budget, make sure you have it covered.

Happy Planning