Top Wedding Guest Complaints |Triad Wedding Planner

It is  very easy to overlook the guest while planning your wedding with everything else you have to deal with. Here are the top wedding guest complaints and suggestions to keep your guest happy.


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  • Food– One major complaint wedding guest have is there not being many selection for dinner choice or running out of appetizers during cocktail hour. Make sure you order enough food for your expected guest. For dinner selection have a buffet with assorted choices or consider different food stations. Long lines are also a major complaint, the food stations give not only a variety but breaks up the never ending lines. If you have a buffet have it set up so guest can utilize both sides (This option is if you do not have servers).
  • Cash Bar– A full bar can be quite expensive. Talk to your bartender regarding your choices. One option is to have a beer and wine bar and /or offer a signature drink. Limit your bar to key times at your reception.
  • Bad Wedding Dates– Choose wedding dates that are convenient. Sometimes that can’t be helped especially if you have your heart set on a particular date. However keep in mind traveling times especially with out of town guest. For example, although you may get a cheaper date on a Sunday evening this would be inconvenient for your wedding guest that have to travel to be back on work on Monday or take another day off. Holiday weddings are only convenient if your family members normally travel home. Also keep in mind key dates to major events that may be taking place… you don’t want to compete with the Superbowl.


    Photo by Jeff white photographer

  • No enough Space– Make sure to book a venue big enough to hold your guest. Nothing is worse than sitting elbow to elbow or having to squeeze past people on your way to the restroom. With that in mind, also beware of booking too big of venue. Worse case scenerio if the venue is too big you can always bring in draping to lesson the space and break it up in sections…there isn’t much you can do if the venue is too small.
  • Organization– Here is where a great timeline comes into play, a great flow is the key to a great wedding. No one wants to sitting around “waiting” and no one likes to have everything rushed . Balance is the key.Keep these tips and your guest in mind while planning your wedding and you can’t go wrong. Happy Planning!

The Involved Groom|Triad Wedding Planner

groom1Yes Brides! There is such thing… I am not making it up. There are some grooms who are very active in the wedding planning process and enjoy it. Nope, they aren’t dragged in kicking and screaming. They actually have opinions about what the wedding day will look like besides how they will look and how the cake will taste. While this may be a dream for some brides, I can see some of you gawking in horror. It is perfectly okay, and here is how to plan your wedding day in harmony. Let’s say… the date and your wedding colors have been chosen. 1. Take his opinions into consideration….after all it is his wedding too. 2. Compromise is the key if you are not seeing eye to eye. 3. Let him choose his grooms cake design. 4. Come up with a list of duties he can accomplish such as choose tux, book the dj, ask to set vendor appointments and include him on wedding errands. 5. Work together to make the ceremony meaningful. Take this a start to planning your life together. When things get stressful, always remember why you love each other and why you are getting married. Happy Planning

10 Ways To Save Money During Wedding Planning| Triad Wedding Planner

Savings1. Choose and off season date- Try to avoid the “popular” dates and holidays.

2. Choose flowers that are in season and less expensive blooms. Instead of Peonies try roses. Use flowers that are fuller such as hydrangeas. Talk to your florist about using greenery.

3. Keep your guest list small- Always remember you are paying for each and every single guest. Not only will this cut down on cost of catering but decor and space as well.

4. Consider having your wedding on a weekday instead of the weekend. The weekend is the most popular dates, especially Saturday nights. You can save big time by choosing a less traditional day.creative-non-floral-wedding-centerpieces-28

5.Choose non floral table centerpieces-  Lanterns, candles, branches, plants…even books. Get creative. Find what represents you.

6. Consider having a daytime  wedding. By having the ceremony and the reception earlier and they day can cut cost extensively. You can save on venue, catering and bar cost. Most people aren’t expecting a large bar earlier in the day.

7. Buy things on sale. Coupons and sales are your friend. But don’t limit it there. Visit your local bridal shows. Participating vendors usually have s some type of deal for brides that attend. Also follow your vendors social media pages, sometimes they offer deals and contest on their pages.

8. D.I.Y doesn’t equal money saved. Sure doing things yourself can be fun… but it doesn’t always mean you are saving money. The cost of materials and trial and error can become costly. Not to mention the stress. If you are used to crafting, this shouldn’t be a problem.However, if you are a novice you may want to go ahead and hire the professional. Choose your projects wisely. Things like your cake, flowers, etc. should really be handled by the experts.

 “I thought DIY was the way to save too, however, now that we are 8 weeks away and a few failed DIY projects in, we realize that the stress and time are sometimes NOT worth the few pennies saved. In fact, DIYing things does not necessarily mean money saved. I wish I knew that going into this.”

9. Keep your favors simple- I can’t count the amount of times I have packed up left over favors or reminded guest to take their favors as they are leaving. . If you really want to have them… keep it simple. D.I.Y. or choose and edible favor. Double your  favors as escort cards if you are assigning seating. 1371600-champagne

10. Skip the champagne toast. Your guest can toast with whatever is in their glasses. So much champagne goes wasted. Not everyone drinks it, nor finishes it.

We hope these tips will come in handy.

Happy Planning!

10 Great Wedding Planning Apps | Triad Wedding Planner

 Yes, There’s An App For That!

Wedding planning has changed over the years. Now you can do just about anything at your fingertips. Wedding Apps make it easy for you to plan, organize and communicate  on the go. Here are just a few of my favorite wedding planning apps for Android and Apple.

1. Appy Couple (IOS and Android, Free) – Appy couple helps you organize, coordinate, plan with this great app. Organize your guest list and have guest interact with you. AppyPics_Gallery_3_7_0 Pinterest- Share and create great inspiration boards. Gather information and share or create a private board and invite who you want to view.

Wedding Countdown- Nothing gets you excited quite like a countdown to your “I DO’S”Wedding countdown app The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (IOS, Free) Stay organized, manage your budget. You can also get great ideas and inspiration from this wedding Wedpic- (Android, IOS)- Gather all of our guest photos and videos of your wedding in one spot. – Guest can upload pics and videos of the day to your wedding and share them with you and fellow guest. screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-11-28-45-am Wedding Wire – Search and review wedding vendors. Make and manage your checklist, budget and RSVP’s. weddingwire

TableTopPlanner– Create a floor plan including your dance floor and cake table and assign guest to tables.tabletop

Our Wedding Planner (Android, Free)- Manage your guest list, to-do list, budget, vendors and import all your guests directly from your phone contacts and manage the invitations that have been sent, received and pending as well as assign tables for guests to sit.

Pro Wedding Planner

proweddingplanner myPantone Wedding & Events, (IOS)Wedding planning app
These apps can certainly help you organize and keep your wedding details in one place. But even with today’s technology, you certainly don’t want to miss that one on one contact with those involved in the planning. What is your favorite App?

Happy Planning!

Ways to Keep Calm During Wedding Planning| Triad Wedding Planner

keep-calm-and-de-stress--11Let’s face it, wedding planning can be very stressful. The meetings, planning, budgeting… decisions, decisions, decisions. Everyone opinions are flying around about your big day. Before you go pulling your hair out, here are some ways to de-stress during the wedding planning process.

1. Hire professionals. In particular a whire a wedding planner (plug in). A wedding planner should help you make the right decisions and hire capable vendors that fit into your budget. Once you have a team of professionals all there is to do is wait on the big day.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things are going to come up. Things are going to happen. You will feel like nothing is going your way. It will be okay. It will work out.

3. Opinions are like _____ and every has one. You will get the most unsolicited advice regarding your wedding. you chose the wrong color, the wrong theme… when I did my wedding…. when  i waaas  a bridesmaid…etc. Some advice may be helpful, while others… well  it just makes things more complicated. Stick with your vision and don’t try to make everyone happy. You simply can’t.

4. Take a break. That is right take a break. Every month, week, day, hour does not have to be engulfed in wedding planning. You have to take a breather from it. No Pinterest, no magazines, no wedding reality shows….no wedding stuff period. Take some time to just enjoy being engage. Trust me, it is so worth it.

5. Be realistic and flexible with the expectations of your wedding party and those assisting you. Don’t schedule every weekend for D.I.Y projects for your wedding. Be clear on what you expect with your wedding  party from the beginning.

6. Schedule a relaxing massage. Or if you and your fiance’ are great at it, give each other a massage.

7. Find a person you can trust to vent. We all get frustrated. We all need to talk.. Don’t hold it in.

8. Take up yoga, meditation etc. de-stress

9. Take a mini vacation. you and your future spouse take off for the weekend. You can focus on the two ( or more if you have a family).

Find what works for you. Tell us how you de-stressed on during your wedding planning.


Happy Planning!

Cancellation Policies |Triad Wedding Planner- Made of Honor Weddings

cancellation-policyRecently I met with a potential client and during our meeting it was revealed that they cancelled a wedding previously and had another planner. Of course I’m curious to know which of my colleagues they were referring to and why had they not chose to continue services with them. They continued to tell me the reason… they cancelled and the planner had the gall to keep the deposit…gasp!

Now, here is where I could have fallen into the gossip trap and have this potential client feeling this was okay. Instead I defended my competitor. The truth is most vendors have this policy. Most business have this policy to some extent. cancellation_policy

Read your contract thoroughly before signing. If you have questions be sure to ask. Even though your vendor has yet to do the grand finale; your date has been blocked and in the planners case, work has been done. Once your date is booked,  it is taken off the calendar. This looses potential income if you should decide to cancel your wedding. Most vendors have one or two weddings during the weekend and depending on when you cancel it would be hard to try to re-book that date. The best thing to do is read through your contract thoroughly. If you just need to change your date, ask your vendor about their policy. Be sure to find out what is the deadline to reschedule your date and how far in the future can you reschedule. Fingers crossed that you never have to cancel.

Happy Planning!

Why Weddings Need A Timeline|Triad Wedding Planner

wedding timelineWhat time do we make the toast?

What time will dinner be served?

When will you cut the cake?

We have entertainment, when should they perform?

Having a timeline is essential to every wedding or event. Why can’t I just go with the flow; you ask? You don’t want your guest waiting around for something to happen. Also, you don’t want everything happening at once and leaving your guest without anything to look forward to. Your vendors should have the timeline no later than two weeks before the wedding in case any changes need to be made.  There are a lot of timeline and schedules on the internet; a good timeline should be created just for your wedding. wedding-reception-timeline

How long does it take to get from site a to site b?

When will the vendors arrive?

How long are the speeches?

How long will it take to set up and break down?

Your event planner will know all this information and coordinate with the vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you don’t have an event planner (get one) you need to designate someone to keep and eye on the time and make sure everything is going as planned. An event planner can make quick decisions regarding the timeline if something is running off schedule, and move things around so it still flows smoothly.

Happy Planning!


One important factor to consider when booking your vendors is to make sure they play nicely. Everyone is working for the same cause…YOU! There is no room for ego’s or showboating.
(Disclosure: the instances are hypothetical and do not reflect professional vendors)
For Instance the photographer is hogging all of the couple’s time and the videographer isn’t getting the footage they need. Therefore your wedding video will not be as great as it could be… or vice versa
The DJ is not going by the timeline provided by the wedding coordinator and winds up mixing up the entire
wedding day and throwing everything off schedule.
Ask questions such as…have you worked with a wedding coordinator before? How much time do you need on the schedule…for set up…photographs…etc. ( just in case they need some alone time with bride and groom).

Just doing a little more inquiring can save you a whole lot of stress and drama on your wedding day.

Happy Planning


Low cost Wedding?

Stretch that Advertising DollarWeddings for less. I have been asked a million times why does it cost so much for one day? Well one giant reason is…its a lot of work. Another reason is… its not just one day. Many hours of prepping goes into executing a wedding where everything seems perfect.
I know you have seen all the books and the blogs claiming you can have it all for next to nothing. In some cases this may be true but if you read the fine print a little closer you will see…its cheaper because you are doing all the work YOURSELF or hiring amateurs that are just starting out, or students. Many vendors including myself start out cheap because you never realize the amount that goes into a wedding until you have work a wedding or ten. Yes, you did read correctly…including myself. I started out on the low end and with that I made my share of mistakes and ate a lot of ramen noodles. In order to run a successful, legit business cost goes up. Now getting back to the lost cost wedding tips; if you read these books, blogs and such it tells you to cut out all the vendors that help make your day stress free.
– They tell you hire a college student for your photographer.
-Cook yourself.
-Make your own invitations or go to Walmart and get the same invitations millions of other brides have used. -Buy a consignment dress or borrow one.
-Enlist your family and friends
As a wedding planner/coordinator/designer I am selling not only my services, but my experience, expertise, education, your overall experience from beginning to end. . My brides are stress free and get to enjoy their day without worrying about the big or little details. The bride and her family and friends get to enjoy the day and the memories without flooding them with a day of work.
In the background, emails are being sent, appointments are being made, timelines, ordering supplies, your vendors are working for you.
While the bride and her bridesmaids are off getting pampered with hair, make up and enjoying one another company. We are setting up your venue. When the vendors arrive and have questions about set up or time frames they come to us instead of bugging you. You have enough on your plate whether you are nervous or calm.
When the day is all finished and you are whisked away with your new husband. The reception is over and all your guest are heading home. We are cleaning up and gathering your belongings, making sure they get to the proper places. Your photographer is spending hours, even days editing your photographs.

So while it is possible to have a low cost wedding, its at a big expense. Ask the experts on how to keep your wedding at your budget.