What To Do You Do With Your Wedding Photos|Greensboro, NC Wedding Planner

You said your I DO’s. The cake has been cut. You danced the night away and your photographer caught ever moment and every detail. Finally you have access to your online proofs of your spectacular wedding photos…what do you do next. Many people think… well let me just get the disc and then I can print them off myself. . This is a big mistake…after all you just spent a whooping 25k on your wedding. Now you want to get your photos printed out at Walmart… no, no, no! Nine times out of ten you will post them on your favorite social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and tweet until your hearts content. Then what? As quickly as technology changes you should have several backups. Here are some fabulous ideas of what to do with those stellar shots.964028_10151995581031688_722885324872937422_o

1. Order prints from your photographer- Not all photo print shops are the same. You don’t want to go with any run of the mill photo printing shops. Quality is a must on this one. Don’t skimp. Your pictures will last a lifetime, don’t have regrets.

2. Get a huge canvas wrap- Canvas wraps are a great way to display your wedding pictures. Incorporate your wedding vows over  your wedding pictures. Order several small canvases of the details of your wedding to create a huge mosaic.  wedding-canvas-print

3. Order a photo book- Photo albums or books are the best way to display your wedding. There are many options available from coffee table books to flush mount albums. They range in many sizes even, so small you can fit in your pocket. Amazing.

Happy Planning!


Your Photographer: Memories that last

You and your planner have poured a year of your life executing the perfect wedding.

No matter your budget you have invested a small fortune in your day.

You have chosen your perfect dress.

You spent hours deciding what color and types of linens you would use.

You are sick of cake because you tasted so many to get the right combination.

The venue, the shoes, your jewerly, his tux, your flowers, the decor, your grandmother Georgia.

You have guest flying in from all over the country and…Uncle Bob is taking the pictures.

The day finally arrives, you rip open the walmart packaging and you find pictures of the floor, dark shadows , blurred pictures of your dress, you thought he got that shot of you cutting your cake, must have missed that one. You never noticed that huge pimple on your cheek. You could have sworn the colors were more vivid than that on the day of your wedding. Why are there so many pictures of your co-worker Jill. No one is smiling in your posed shots.

There are no do-overs on your wedding day. While we all can’t afford the most luxurious photographers out there. There are professional photographers out there within your budget. Hire them to take your engagement photos or some family photos and this will tell you how this particular photographer works and you can better tell if they are a match for you. Find out will they have a second shooter? Do they have a back up camera? How many hours will they be available? How much do they charge if the reception happens to go in to overtime? Basically do your research and don’t jump at the price because they are less expensive. Remember this is an investment.

Out of all the wedding advice on money saving tips. Do not skimp on your photographer. You should ask to see more then one couples wedding. Ask for references, as the couple how the photographer worked with them. Do you prefer candid shots or posed shots. Find out what style your photographer uses. I had one wedding where the photographer actually brought in a back drop and monopolized all the couples and wedding parties time taking posed shots. Can your photographer catch you while you are moving or do you have to continually stop to get the shot.

Most photographers have a blog, follow them and you can see the style and have an idea of what to expect. Money should not be your primary goal making the choice. You will have these pictures for all time, do you want to think back and say…”I shoulda, coulda, woulda…” or do you want to think back and say…”Wow, what an amazing day, and I am so pleased with my pictures.”