What To Do You Do With Your Wedding Photos|Greensboro, NC Wedding Planner

You said your I DO’s. The cake has been cut. You danced the night away and your photographer caught ever moment and every detail. Finally you have access to your online proofs of your spectacular wedding photos…what do you do next. Many people think… well let me just get the disc and then I can print them off myself. . This is a big mistake…after all you just spent a whooping 25k on your wedding. Now you want to get your photos printed out at Walmart… no, no, no! Nine times out of ten you will post them on your favorite social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and tweet until your hearts content. Then what? As quickly as technology changes you should have several backups. Here are some fabulous ideas of what to do with those stellar shots.964028_10151995581031688_722885324872937422_o

1. Order prints from your photographer- Not all photo print shops are the same. You don’t want to go with any run of the mill photo printing shops. Quality is a must on this one. Don’t skimp. Your pictures will last a lifetime, don’t have regrets.

2. Get a huge canvas wrap- Canvas wraps are a great way to display your wedding pictures. Incorporate your wedding vows over  your wedding pictures. Order several small canvases of the details of your wedding to create a huge mosaic.  wedding-canvas-print

3. Order a photo book- Photo albums or books are the best way to display your wedding. There are many options available from coffee table books to flush mount albums. They range in many sizes even, so small you can fit in your pocket. Amazing.

Happy Planning!


Vendor Spotlight: Corinna Hoffman

Corrina Hoffman Photography
(Wedding Wishes Contest Vendor)
Your name: Corinna Hoffman
Company Name: Corinna Hoffman Photography
Website :www.corinnahoffman.com
Blog http://corinnahoffman.blogspot.com/

Years in Business :Been doing weddings since April 2004, had my official website in Sept. 2007 and became full-time with my business in Sept. 2008

How did you get started: Always been into nature pictures and community events photo-documentation. Had a nice camera and someone asked me to photo-shoot their wedding, and ever since then, especially after my own wedding in May 2007, I can’t get enough of weddings. I love everything about it–from the time a bride has her hair and make up done to the end of the night when all the guests are cheering the bride and groom for the big send-off 🙂

Best advice you can give to a bride: – Plan your own wedding and tie in a lot of sentimental values to it, but also hire a wedding planner/coordinator to help you out 🙂 Another best advice is that, to never skimped on your wedding photography budget. You get what you paid for, and your wedding photos are priceless!

What has been your strangest request? – Brides asking for bodouir photo sessions (or rather, sexy pictures for their husbands). At first, it was a bit strange to ask me, but I’m so comfortable with it now–that I love doing it for the brides 🙂

Do you work with an assistant? Yes, my wonderful husband and if he’s not available, my other friend photographers. What would you say is your style? Photojournalistic style of documenting the day. I love detail shots too! Details, details.. and candid moments 🙂

Who is the person you most admire? Jesus Christ

Who is the person that inspired you? National Geographic photographers 😉

What is your proudest moment in your business? Is when other photogs acknowledge my work, new photogs asking me for tips and questions, and lastly creating a long-lasting friendship with my clients 🙂 Oh yeah, when my own friends insist to start paying me for photo services somehow just touches my heart and helps me become humble with my work.My husband is my greatest assistant and hero. He also helps me stay grounded. 🙂