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Something old, something new, something borrowed… SOMETHING BLUE! Originating from an old Victorian rhyme this bridal tradition is well followed.

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You can add your something blue with jewelry… These beautiful teardrop earrings and matching necklace could be just the touch you need.

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I just love bling and texture and these shoes has them both. With each step, these shoes will peek out from under your gown. il_570xN.470011642_y7mc  If you want to be total discreet, you can slip on a garter with a touch of blue…. you can actually have two garters on… one for the toss and one for your new husband. hairpin-0026 If you don’t want to incorporate blue into your wedding colors you can stash this hair pin in your hair without it being noticed.


You can always wear a blue belt or sash to add a pop of color. satin-blue-wedding-sash-with-a-brooch


Jamberry’s For Weddings!| Triad Wedding Planner


One thing you can not forgot in preparation for your wedding day, you have to get your nails beautifully manicured. I personally don’t like the nail salon simply because it is a pain in the butt. You sit there in a crowded salon smelling too many chemicals. So for those of you that are anti-salon like me, we have a solution.  I am sure you have heard about Jamberry Nails. A great alternative to those crowded salons. They last much longer then your classic manicure and cost much, much less.

image“Jamberry Nails ate a vinyl heat activavated nail shields that last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks on our toes. They are non toxic and made in the USA, have no dry time and won’t chip.”

They cost $15 a sheet and each sheet you get 2 mani’s and 2 pedis and 4-8 accent nails. With over 450 designs you are sure to find ones you will love even long after the honeymoon.

wpid-img_8248274478949.jpegWe even narrowed down the search for you, here are some great Jamberry’s for your wedding day. To order your Jamberrys  please contact:

Staci Chambers

Team Manager,

Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant


Champagne toast


Silver Floral

Chantillyjamberry touchoflacejamberry

Why Weddings Need A Timeline|Triad Wedding Planner

wedding timelineWhat time do we make the toast?

What time will dinner be served?

When will you cut the cake?

We have entertainment, when should they perform?

Having a timeline is essential to every wedding or event. Why can’t I just go with the flow; you ask? You don’t want your guest waiting around for something to happen. Also, you don’t want everything happening at once and leaving your guest without anything to look forward to. Your vendors should have the timeline no later than two weeks before the wedding in case any changes need to be made.  There are a lot of timeline and schedules on the internet; a good timeline should be created just for your wedding. wedding-reception-timeline

How long does it take to get from site a to site b?

When will the vendors arrive?

How long are the speeches?

How long will it take to set up and break down?

Your event planner will know all this information and coordinate with the vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you don’t have an event planner (get one) you need to designate someone to keep and eye on the time and make sure everything is going as planned. An event planner can make quick decisions regarding the timeline if something is running off schedule, and move things around so it still flows smoothly.

Happy Planning!

Every detail counts.

I can’t tell you how many times brides round the end of the planning process and rather it be budget issues or that they are just tired of planning but they want to give up on the little details that make the wedding pop. Many venues have their own linens and where as it is easy to go with what they have it may not got with your decor. Would the white and black solid linens that the venue provide compare to the vintage lace and Charmeuse sage linens you could have ordered. Now yes, there is a major price difference between the two but it makes a major difference at your reception. If budget is the concern, this is where your planner steps in. Lighting, linens, chairs, napkins, monograms, etc. are just a few of the minor details that can be overlooked towards the end. Go for the wow factor.