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Airlines that allow carry on wedding gowns

Packing for a long trip is always difficult, but simplicity is the key. The great thing about most venues for destination weddings will provide everything the couple needs. So all you have to worry about is your bridal and vacation attire. We strongly urge you to bring your wedding gown onboard the plane. You don’t want to risk your dress being damaged or better yet lost (oh the horror). Destination Weddings

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 Call the airlines ahead of time to see if they can store the gown on the plane. Some airlines have closets for items that need to be hung. If not the next best thing to do is pack it on your carry on. Once you arrive you can find a place that can steam or press your gown. Carry your travel documents in your purse for easy access along with any electronics to make the trip easier such as your Tablet, Cell Phone and chargers.

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So we took the extra step for you (Because we are awesome like that) and listed a few airlines that we called ourselves. So here are some airlines that will allow you to carry your wedding gown on and store it for you.

American Airlines

United Airlines

Delta Airlines

US Airways

*** Some have restrictions, extra fees and/or need advanced notice. Please call to double check.

For more information on how to pack for a destination wedding, honeymoon or a simple vacation check out The Besty List.


Sample-On-Loan~The Dessy Group Wedding Gowns

Destination Bridal Style 1019Have you ever tried on regular clothing in a store…then went home and tried it on at home. It was a completely different feel and sometimes the clothes looked differently the second time around. The Dessy Group has some amazing Destination Wedding Gowns and they offer you to try on the sample gowns in the privacy of your own home for only $35 per gown. You simply ship the gown back with a prepaid provided.
What’s the catch? Besides having to return the gown in two business…there is no catch. So now you are not feeling rushed or pressured.
Happy Planning! 😉