5 ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding!

Sakura Photography

Every once in a while. I get a couple who doesn’t know what to do about children at their wedding or event. They feel awkward for not wanting them to attend or they truly don’t know what to do with them. Do not fret, you are not alone… after all there will be alcohol being served and you want your guest to enjoy themselves without looking out for kids. On the other hand we have those offended guest, who will not leave home without the little bundles of joy, especially if they are traveling a distance to attend your nuptials. As a wedding planner it is my job to uphold any law that my couple sees fit to implement on their wedding day… but just in case here are few suggestions to keep everyone happy.

  • Have a separate space or room just for children. Ask if the venue has any additional space that may be included. This way they can run, laugh, play and be children. You could even decorate it to mock a mini reception for the kiddies.
  • Hire an Event sitter~ These are trained and/or experienced individuals hire specifically to keep the children entertained and out the way. I would say 1 person per 6 children. There may be one or two children who can’t bare to be without their parents. So don’t feel offended if one roams in to find their parents. “Parents, it’s okay to leave your children, at first they will cry or fret but they will be okay.” says Hilda Alexander of Jax Couture Events.
  • Bring DVD’s fit for children. Make sure your venue has a television and a DVD player you can borrow or ask if you can bring your own.
  • Age appropriate activities~ Depending on the ages you want to keep the child’s attention.. coloring books,  board games, arts and crafts and children books.
  • Food~ A child is not going to care if you have hand corn-fed duckling al la mode…they like chicken fingers, french fries,cheese pizza, and hamburgers.  Please make sure you follow the parents dietary needs and/or food restrictions. Make sure not to use anything that has peanuts.

(Bonus Tip) If you have a handful of children make them a gift take home as a favor. You can even customize them with their names. You may even ask the photographer or their assistant to pop in to snap some shots. Those pictures are priceless. Companies that offer event sitting: Jax Couture Events (Hilda Alexander) Jacksonville, FL www.jaxcoutureevents.com Lil Tux N’ Tiara’s Event Sitting (Simone M. Robinson-Ross) New York http://www.liltuxntiaraseventsitters.com/index.php Happy Planning!!

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