Why Do I Have To Have A Cocktail Hour? |Triad Wedding Planner

COCKTAIL HOUR 2The ceremony is now over. You, your new hubby, the wedding party and family have been whisked away to a secret location to take your formal photographs. What will your guest do for that hour? This is why you need a cocktail hour. Your guest can mingle and have some light hor doerves and drinks. Be sure to have light finger foods. Something that the guest can easily pick up and carry even while holding a drink. If you choose to have wedding entertainment, this would be a great time for them to perform.

Photo from The Knot

Photo from The Knot

Be sure to have enough refreshments, you don’t want to  run out. Also, you don’t want to serve anything too heavy right before dinner, but you don’t want your guest hungry waiting for the reception to start. Overall, this is a time for your guest to relax.

Happy Planning!!

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Have To Have A Cocktail Hour? |Triad Wedding Planner

  1. Wow, was just talking about this with a wedding planner friend. It’s vital to keep guests enagaed for a fun filled event such as a wedding.

  2. Greetings!
    This is right on time, I was just explaining to one of my clients, that she really needs to highly consider having a cocktail hour. This blog post tells a bride exactly why! Thanks for posting and providing great sound advice. I agree you want your guests to be engaged and interactive and also have small bites, perhaps a signature drink ( non – alcoholic and alcoholic), also provide perhaps a photo booth, live entertainment, ect…

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