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Tweeting and Hash tags and Streaming, Oh my! We certainly are not in Kansas anymore when it comes to today’s weddings. The modern bride needs to know all about apps, social media, live streaming, hash tags and more.

Apps – Apps are shortcut applications that you download onto a mobile device. There are plenty of apps out there for wedding planning, organization and inspiration. Check out the blog we did previously on the 10 Best Wedding

Social Media– Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are just a few social media sites where you can post exciting news about your wedding or get inspiration. You can follow your vendors and favorite wedding resources.

Hash tags– A hash tag is a word or phrase proceeded by the pound sign, followed by a word or phrase (without spaces) to identify a topic in social media. You can also use hash tags if you want your guest to tweet or Facebook about your wedding #JoshandAprilsweddingbash.

bestweddingblog Websites– Your wedding site is full of information about your upcoming wedding. Here is where you can introduce the wedding party, Tell your guest about the style of your wedding. Share the story about how you and your beau met and/or your engagement story. Who doesn’t love a great wedding story. There are plenty of free wedding websites out there. Check out the features and decide which is the best one for the two of you.

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Photo credit by

Live streaming– Here is a way for the guest who could not attend to enjoy the festivities of your wedding.  Livestream., UStream, Skype  and FaceTime is just a few that can help you show your wedding live. The Offbeat Bride has a great blog about Live Streaming click here.

Forums- Wedding forums is a great way to talk to other brides about plans, stresses, ideas and more. They even have some fun bridal groups on Facebook.

0Youtube-  Here is a video sharing website where you can learn loads of things for your wedding. Especially if you are a D.I.Y bride. One of my favorite channels is Martha Stewart Weddings.

What are some of your favorite wedding tech sources?

Happy Planning!


8 thoughts on “The Techy Bride | Modern Brides | Triad Wedding Planner

    • Yes, this is the modern techy age! Everyone just about has a smart phone or tablet, iPad, ect.. Yes, lots of brides are using Apps such a Pinterest ( especially!) for tons of inspiration for their wedding planning.

      I have seen the trend of brides and grooms utilizing a certain hashtag on Instagram. Especially, for their guests to post pics in real time during the wedding celebration. I prefer a unplugged wedding myself! Especially, as the bride or Groom are getting dressed!


    • Very true, I once had a guest post all the wedding pictures before the photographer had a chance to and the couple was upset. The couple needs to state clearly if they want these outlets. But lately I have send a trend of posting during the reception. The ceremony, I feel is a sacred moment and a couple should ask guest to “Unplug”.

  1. Such a great idea to have a hashtag for your wedding, especially with a site like Instagram. I would be dying to see all of the pictures my guests had taken!

  2. Great post! When we got married – we actually got a wedding photo page through shutterfly & made up cards on the tables telling people to upload the pictures they took to that webpage – it was so nice to see everyone’s wedding pictures in one place!

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