Getting In Shape For Your Wedding|Triad Wedding Planner

Exercise woman torso and equipment500Every bride wants to look her best in her wedding gown. There are a million items, diets, supplements that will promise you quick results,the best way is the old fashioned way…Diet and Exercise. With holidays rushing by and the New Year just around the corner,  engagements and weight resolutions come with the territory.

Get started Early- You certainly don’t want to put the stress and strain on your body trying to lose weight fast. The sad part about it when you do lose weight quickly you tend on gaining it back…we don’t want that. So give yourself a break and don’t try to lose too much to fast.

Set realistic goals– Don’t say you are going to lose 50 lbs in 3 months. You will be setting yourself up for failure. You can even make mini goals to lead up to your major goal. Speak with your healthcare provider to see what is a realistic weight loss goal for yourself. Make yourself a goal chart and reward yourself when you meet your goals…of course not with a hot fudge sundae. 4103c0e13382e500_woman-at-gym.xxxlarge

Combine cardio and weight lifting- Many people make the mistake of doing one without the other… you can always alternate the days if you like.

Eat Healthy-  Eat colorful. Not only are green leafy veggies important in your diet, but choose colorful fruits and vegetables as well. Cut of the fast food, sodas and sugary drinks.

full-glass-of-waterPlenty of rest and water Everyone will have advice for you on how to lose weight. There are a million fads out there and someone will always swear by it, the best advice possible is for you to find what works for you. Do not beat yourself up if you gain a pound or two… remember muscle weighs more than fat. Keep focused on how you look and feel verses what numbers are on the scale.

Happy Planning!

*Disclaimer: We are not nutritionist or personal trainers. As with any diet and exercise program please consult your physician


3 thoughts on “Getting In Shape For Your Wedding|Triad Wedding Planner

  1. Diet & Exercise is so important, this is the perfect plan to assisting a bride and even the groom with getting ready for their day! Also, this could motivate a couple to develop a life long life style of fitness!

    Nice tips, and I love how you said, to set realistic goes for yourself, and take your time!


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