Steps to Planning a Fabulous Baby Shower (or any other event)

baby-shower-napkins-16s-1696-0-1360579118000I have baby on the brain. No, no… I am not having a baby. A few months ago, I received the best news ever. My sister is having her first baby. This will also be my first time being an aunt. So of course the wheels started turning and a million themes popped into my head. Oddly enough this will be my very first baby shower. I have had them, attended them but never planned one. Here are some steps that can help you if you are planning or hosting a baby shower (or any fabulous event).

1. Make your announcement…. there are so  many creative ways to announce you’re having a baby. Find the one to fit you. It can be as simple as a baby announcement postcard or an elaborate video. Most people like to wait until the 90 day mark but once again this is a personal decision.

2. Decide how many guest you would like to invite. Make sure the venue or place you choose will accommodate your guest count and parking.

3. Choose a date(s)- Flexibility with your date will make it easier to find a venue. If you have your heart set on a certain venue or restaurant the flexibility will be your best friend. Make sure you are giving your guest enough time to make plans to attend.

4. Make a registry- This is the fun part…. shopping with a gun… haha just point and shoot and item is added.  Choose a variety of items in all price ranges. Make sure you have enough items on your list for  all your guest. You don’t want to only have 10 items and you’ve invited 60 people. Plus don’t skimp on the quantity. You will need way more than one bib.

5. Choose your theme and your colors- You don’t have to have a theme… but themes are so much fun.

6. Create your invitation

7. Food- You want to go with light finger foods. Things you can easily pick up and take a bite.

8. Games or Entertainment- If you are having a coed shower, make sure you include the guys. Depending on the length of your shower try to calculate one game per hour, unless you have a short guest list. EX: 4 hour shower= 4 games.

Have fun!



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