Hidden Fees in Weddings| Triad Wedding Planner

hidden-feesHere are some extra fees you may not have thought about. It can put a dent in your perfectly thought out budget. Take some or all of these into consideration when planning your wedding.

Cake Cutting Fees– Check to see if your venue or caterer charges a cake cutting fee. Yes, a fee to cut your cake. It can be as low as $1 per person or as much as $3.

Over time– Over time fees can quickly become an overload. Hopefully you have a schedule and a coordinator to keep and eye on your time. Each vendor and the venue can charge a hefty fee if they are working overtime. Make sure your initial time frame that you are contracted for is enough time for what you need. Find out if set up and break down is included in the time frame or do they allow extra time for these task.

Delivery charges– Double check your delivery fees. Yes, almost everyone has a delivery fee but make sure the warehouse is in your area. A company can have a local office but deliveries may be out of town and charge twice the amount as another “local” company. Check to see if they double charge for deliveries over the weekend vs. if they dropped off or picked up on a Friday or Monday.

h_Fxu3-Dme5HBhwmCork fees– Why hire a bartender when you can simply BYOB? Be careful, ask your venue or caterer will there be a corkage fee per bottle or per glass. Like the cake cutting fee, if it is per person it can add up quickly especially if you aren’t expecting it. Also be careful of your numbers. Just because you are inviting 150 ppl, doesn’t mean everyone will be drinking. Are children included in our number?

Set up– Find out who exactly will be setting up for your event. Some places charge you by table or chair. Some places just set up your tables and chairs and anything else will be extra. If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same room, you need to find out how much will be charged for the “turn around” fee.HD-ATCD-C600_15_nostickers

Rentals– Many venues already have tables and chairs included; however, they can charge extra to upgrade them. For instance rectangle tables vs. round tables and garden chairs vs. banquet.  The same goes for venues who have there own linens. Most of the time they are the simple poly white or ivory linens. It will cost more for a different color or texture.

Extra guest– This should be a given, but surprisingly not. Yes, if you add extra people your price will be going up. Not only for catering but you must keep in mind, table setting… does these extra people cause for more tables? Then you also need centerpieces,table linens, favors, chairs..etc. Are you contracted to your vendors for a certain amount of people because now the number of people you need to work the wedding has now increased.

Be aware and extra cost into your budget so there won’t be any surprises.

Happy Planning!




5 thoughts on “Hidden Fees in Weddings| Triad Wedding Planner

  1. I agree with Courtney, haha a planner definitely can be in your corner to catch those fees, but also manage them too. You hit the nail on this…but the last point is so true, extra guests= extra money!

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