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cancellation-policyRecently I met with a potential client and during our meeting it was revealed that they cancelled a wedding previously and had another planner. Of course I’m curious to know which of my colleagues they were referring to and why had they not chose to continue services with them. They continued to tell me the reason… they cancelled and the planner had the gall to keep the deposit…gasp!

Now, here is where I could have fallen into the gossip trap and have this potential client feeling this was okay. Instead I defended my competitor. The truth is most vendors have this policy. Most business have this policy to some extent. cancellation_policy

Read your contract thoroughly before signing. If you have questions be sure to ask. Even though your vendor has yet to do the grand finale; your date has been blocked and in the planners case, work has been done. Once your date is booked,  it is taken off the calendar. This looses potential income if you should decide to cancel your wedding. Most vendors have one or two weddings during the weekend and depending on when you cancel it would be hard to try to re-book that date. The best thing to do is read through your contract thoroughly. If you just need to change your date, ask your vendor about their policy. Be sure to find out what is the deadline to reschedule your date and how far in the future can you reschedule. Fingers crossed that you never have to cancel.

Happy Planning!


6 thoughts on “Cancellation Policies |Triad Wedding Planner- Made of Honor Weddings

  1. This is such an important topic. When I was assisting my sister with her wedding, she felt vendors were entitled to refund her deposit when she decided to go with a different Photographer. I had to kindly set her straight and refer her back to the contract (which of course she had not read in its entirety).

  2. Cheers to you for standing with your competitor on this…alot of this has to do with education and drawing out the scenarios to those we work with….deposits are often times not refundable, because once we remove that date from the calendar, we’ve already started preparations of securing our assistants, team, loss of income from other couples, etc.

  3. I hate cancellation policies when they are enforced against me (doctor’s office) but as a business owner, I do understand. As you shared, when a client books, it takes that hour, date or whatever, off the books and the time or date no longer has the ability to earn a profit. Clients need to be educated and understand that in a service type industry, time is money.

  4. Kudos to you for standing up for your competitor. As wedding planners, our work starts the minute that contract is signed and we put in countless hours pulling together the myriad of details that go into planning a wedding or event, so if someone cancels for any reasons other than acts of God they should be held responsible to pay for hours of services a professional has put in. Great post and one that should be addressed more often!

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