Why Weddings Need A Timeline|Triad Wedding Planner

wedding timelineWhat time do we make the toast?

What time will dinner be served?

When will you cut the cake?

We have entertainment, when should they perform?

Having a timeline is essential to every wedding or event. Why can’t I just go with the flow; you ask? You don’t want your guest waiting around for something to happen. Also, you don’t want everything happening at once and leaving your guest without anything to look forward to. Your vendors should have the timeline no later than two weeks before the wedding in case any changes need to be made.  There are a lot of timeline and schedules on the internet; a good timeline should be created just for your wedding. wedding-reception-timeline

How long does it take to get from site a to site b?

When will the vendors arrive?

How long are the speeches?

How long will it take to set up and break down?

Your event planner will know all this information and coordinate with the vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you don’t have an event planner (get one) you need to designate someone to keep and eye on the time and make sure everything is going as planned. An event planner can make quick decisions regarding the timeline if something is running off schedule, and move things around so it still flows smoothly.

Happy Planning!


9 thoughts on “Why Weddings Need A Timeline|Triad Wedding Planner

  1. Timelines are your guidelines! If you or a planner don’t have one, you are in a world of trouble! Thanks, for the reminder/refresher on the essentials of a good timeline!

    • If your planner doesn’t have one, you are in for some serious trouble. While interviewing planners be sure to ask what all they will do, how many hours they will be there and will they make up a timeline.

  2. Not only does every wedding need a timeline, but the timeline needs to be well put together. Planners are experienced at wedding timing and know how long certain activities will take versus others. We also know about a little thing called wedding flow, which can help prevent events from being awkwardly grouped together. Great advice for brides!

    • As planners we know how to adjust and add cushion time to a wedding schedule. If something should run late then we can rearrange things to get it back on time and flowing as it should. Thanks for commenting.

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