Charger Plates-Extra Details|Winston-Salem NC Wedding Planner

Design by Made of Honor Weddings

Design by Made of Honor Weddings

Charger Plates are large decorative plates or platters used to dress up your event table. They are used as an under plate and not actually used for food. Charger plates adds a touch of elegance to your tables. Brides always ask what are they for or why do you need them. Chargers are larger plates that dress up your table. Traditionally they are removed prior to dinner being served, a newer trend is to let the chargers remain as sort of a large coaster for dinner plates and they are removed just before dessert is served.

Royal blue linens with silver unique charger plates.

Charger plates comes in many colors and shapes and you can coordinate it to your theme. Napkins, menu cards or favors can be placed on the chargers. It gives the table a fuller effect and adds that extra detail that makes your event pop.

Happy Planning!


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