Tipping Your Wedding Vendors|Wedding Etiquette| Wedding Planners Jacksonville, FL

While browsing wedding forums to see what brides have the most questions about, I came across a post regarding a bride tipping her wedding planner. This bride wanted to know how much should she tip her planner and decided $100 was a good price. The following replies surprised me… a former bride (posting a pic of her beautiful wedding) stated she felt she shouldn’t have to tip her planner. Although she (the planner) did a beautiful job and went above and beyond, she (the bride) felt she paid her enough and that was that. Next a planner (or so she says) goes on to state brides shouldn’t have to tip because they pay their vendors enough.

First off, let me say I don’t expect a tip from any of my clients. When I do get them it makes me feel really good, they say how hard I worked for them and appreciate me outside of my standard fee. Speaking on behalf of my fellow planner and vendors; tip-jarThe “large” fee that our clients pay for is not going directly in our pockets. Over half goes back into the business… supplies, equipment, license fees, association fees, bills in general. If the vendor has an assistant or employees, of course they are being paid.So the vendor rarely has enough money to pay themselves a salary.

No, I will not provide a tipping guide. I feel that a person should tip what they feel someone deserves. Wedding magazines and the internet has a chart outline that dictates what percentage each vendor gets… go with your gut…. Yes. You have shelled out a lot of mulla for your wedding. If a vendor went far beyond the call of duty, exceeded you expectations, gave it 150% … by all means show your gratitude. Your tip does not have to be cash.. it can be a small gift.

So once again…it is not expected. I would never ask, but when it is received it is greatly appreciated and lets your vendor know, you know their worth.

Happy Planning!

❤ Katrina


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