The Difference in Wedding “Planners”

Spot_the_differenceYou know those pictures that look the same but have slight differences.

It can get very confusing with everyone claiming “planner”. You have the wedding planners at your dress shop, venues, vendors… it can be quite a headache. We decided to break it down, so it is easier to determine whom you are dealing.

1. Your venue planner Normally they are your “catering manager”. They help you choose your food for your reception, seating arrangements,etc. . They sometimes have a “Preferred vendor list” (Check to see if these vendors paid to be on the list”. They work for the venue not for you. Most of the time once the food is served, (sometimes before) they leave. Some venues coordinators will conduct the rehearsal and get you down the aisle for your wedding, but if you left your marriage certificate at home don’t expect them to figure out how to get it.

2. Your dress shop – People love a fancy title… no they will not plan your wedding but will help you find your dream dress. Once again they “might” have some referrals but don’t work with these people closely.

3. Your vendors – Lately, I have found many vendors are adopting this title. Trust me there is a lot more to planning your wedding then handing out a vendor list. Yes, your vendors do work with some of their suggestions closely, but they are unaware of budget and style…a big time waster.

Next you have your Planners with a million titles (that’s because we wear a lot of hats) but let’s break down what they are.

A. Your Coordinator – This is what you would call your “Day of”, although the work starts way before your wedding day. In our case… a month before.  They contact your vendors, create a timeline, organize everything that will happen for your wedding day. Find out exactly what this means. How many hours will they be there? Is the rehearsal included? Do they have an assistant, a team or working solo? If they are limited to how many hours… will they be there the most important hours.

B. Your Planner– A planner, does just that…PLANS. They are helping you from day one, locating a venue, finding the right vendors, budget planning, creating the overall look and feel of your wedding day. Find out how many face to face meetings you will receive. What they will and won’t do. Is “day of” included?

C. Your Decorator– Once again, just as it says… Decorate. They come out with the design aspects of your wedding… Colors, tablescapes, linens, ….the over all look of what your guest will see once they arrive. They may do floral designs or work closely with a florist. Double check to see if you will get a preview of the tablescape design.. possibly at your venue if available.

We hope this helps to narrow down who does what and make the planning and decision process easier.

Happy Planning!


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