Jacksonville Weddings~Michelle and Jennifer


Jennifer and Michelle renewed their vows of their legal wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, FL on October 21, 2012. It was a short sweet ceremony followed by a great reception. I especially loved the flower “ladies” (shown in the short platinum dresses above),


Divine Design Indulgence Cakes made the cupcakes you see about. In several assorted flavors, sure to please everyone. image


IMG_0060 (1)IMG_0868

Jennifer and Michelle’s main concern for their reception was the food and beverage. They did not want their guest waiting or hungry. Upon arrival the guest were greeted with passed appetizers and open bar. Guest were then ushered into the courtyard for the ceremony.
Once the ceremony was over, more food and drinks were served. Once the Brides and the wedding party arrived and the first dances were over… several food stations were open so guest would not have to wait, and had different types of food to choose from. They even had a coffee bar to party throughout the night.

The vendors


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