Vendor to Vendor~ Comparing Vendor Pricing


There has been a lot of talk about brides asking for price matching. This is something you NEVER should do. Price of course is a factor when your budget is on the line but a vendor should not have to compromise their business to accommodate.
Trying to compare vendors based off price is like comparing apples to oranges. Vendor A. may be only $ where as Vendor B is $$$…and in your mind, they do the same thing so why can’t Vendor B do it for the lower price.
Well there are several factors:

– Experience ~How long have they been in business. This makes a huge difference in price. Are they just starting out, is this a hobby. In any business price increases as the years pass.

– Equipment, inventory, ingredients~ Equipment cost money. A vendor has to keep up with the latest technology, replace equipment as it grows out of style, maintenance, etc. I know a person that can bake a mean Betty Crocker cake at home, but I prefer going to a baker that bakes with fresh ingredients, in a shop that has been inspected.

– Education ~ yes education, whether its a degree or courses and conferences to help keep up with their trade. Just like in the real world, the more education you get the more likely your pay will increase.

– Services Offered~ You can’t just compare cost without comparing what each vendor is offering, such as time, extra help, etc.

– Technique~ Just because two vendors do the same thing, doesn’t mean they do it the same way. Businesses are unique it is something they do that stands out to make their company… Well theirs.

– Professionalism~ how they treat you, fellow vendors, your guest.

– Legalization ~ Do they have a E.I.N number, are they practicing under the right regulations, are they licensed and insured according to their industry.

– Professional Affiliations~ Do they belong to any associations. Associations normally have regulations in which the members must uphold in order to remain a member. They are also encouraged to continue education.

All of these factor into why vendors cost different prices. Not to mention you should get paid what your worth. Same as in corporate world…just because someone is willing to work for less…would you appreciate being asked to work for less, with all your years experience and education?

There is nothing wrong with asking for a slight discount, but don’t expect or demand one.

Food for thought.

Happy planning!


2 thoughts on “Vendor to Vendor~ Comparing Vendor Pricing

  1. Great post and highly informative. A lot of people these days want to shop for services like they are buying a car which is crazy….I always stress to clients (current and/or potential) that it is important to know who you are dealing with and pricing has little to do with that. At the end of the day most realize that you do get what you pay for.

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