Things to consider when booking your venue

Before booking your venue.. there are some things to consider. First thing you should consider is the cost; is it budget friendly?  Will the cost take up a large part of your budget? Here are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect venue.

  • Are there any hidden fees
  • How much are the upgrades…such as they offer rectangle tables, but for round there is a fee…etc.
  • What is the time frame, does this include set up and break down. How much will it cost to add more time or fee if you run over the time.
  • If they have a preferred vendors list… How much to bring in other vendors?
  • Do they have an in-house caterer?
  • Do they have the proper license and zoning permits
  • Will it accommodate all your guest. comfortably
  • Is there a proper back up plan in case of bad weather
  • Is it easily accessible. If the location is far or hard to find you may want to book a shuttle bus for your guest.

Things you may also want to consider are your extras… such as

  • Flameless candles or regular
  • Can you use sparkles, bubbles, etc.
  • real or fake flower petals
  • Permits for fireworks
  • Can you hang things on the wall or ceiling
  • Electrical outlets and locations

Yes there are many things to consider when booking your venue. Hiring a wedding planner should be the first step you take after saying I do. Planners consider all of the above plus lots more when finding a venue for a client.


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