Business Vs. Hobby?

The other day I was talking to a friend about wedding world ( my favorite topic) and we touched on some important factors about business. Made of Honor Weddings is in the process of opening a branch in the Triad of North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Highpoint). I was telling my friend about how much networking I have been doing and still needed to do. He then stated I could now add a DJ to my service packages. Proposing he could join my company. I’m sure if you read my blog you have seen my post about this type of… grouping. I explained to him that we strictly plan weddings and events and I network with the vendors who offer different services so TOGETHER we create the amazing weddings we have had the pleasure of being involved.

I stated, “I only work with professional vendors.” His response…”I am professional.”

My reply,”You have to have a business license.”…His response.” I have my EIN number.”

My rant…”Yes but are you registered in the state in which you work in… do you have insurance… do you go do continued education through conferences, seminars…etc. Back up equipment.  Are you always set to making your business better. Do you have legal contracts that protect your business as well as the client.”

His response was…”Geez, I didn’t know it had gone so commercial.”

(Deep breath) It’s not commercialized. It is the difference of being a business and having a hobby. At some point when you decided to do this on a regular basis and offer your services to others… you need to become responsible for your business and those that you offer your services.

Now, not all business fall under that category. You should research and find out everything you can, your state and county laws, etc. Did I have everything when I first started… no… I registered my business name, took some courses and jumped head first in. As I grew and decided this was it.. this is what I will do and excel at… that is when I followed the rules (which didn’t take long at all). I honestly didn’t know all there was to running a business…especially in the wedding industry.

All of these factor in when you run a legitimate business. No, this does not make your business ethical or stop a business from succedding or failing,  but these should be covered if they are a legitimate business. I would like to add, every business has to start somewhere… they don’t jump into big businesses overnight, but as long as they are striving to play by the rules than welcome.

What’s in store for Made of Honor in the future. We will be joining an association. We will eventually open up a storefront. We will continue education as we have always done. And we will continue to strive to wow you!


One thought on “Business Vs. Hobby?

  1. This is very interesting and thought provoking. I started as a hobby and segued into a small business but think that I still have the hobby mentality. The question now is do I want to continue as a business and “grow up” my outlook,business plan, etc or do I want to go back to doing it as a hobby? Not sure what the answer is, but your blog has got me thinking!

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