Super-Vendor (Jack of All Trades)

During the interview of your possible vendors you come across a vendor who pretty much claims to be able to do everything. This should throw up a red flag. Your vendor should not be making your flowers, and coordinating your wedding, and taking your pictures, and cooking the food…and so on and so on. Hire a vendor for a specific job. When a vendor (or anyone for that matter) tries to do too many things at once something gives. They are not giving 100% to the task at hand.  You shouldn’t be dealing with vendors like this unless the jobs go hand in hand… like hair and make up.

Multi-tasking is great when it is in the same line of work. This is different from one stop shops that have multi vendors under one roof. You can hire every vendor or just one, it’s entirely up to you. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Vendors should find their niche and run with it, not try to cover the entire industry. How are you a team player when you are trying to play ever position? So the next time you run into a vendor that claims to do it all…my advice.. keep looking.

Happy Planning!


2 thoughts on “Super-Vendor (Jack of All Trades)

  1. Great post and I totally agree. Some vendors stretch themselves way too thin, and ultimately, something important falls through. Would love to see more vendors stick with what they know and stop trying to be “a jack of all trades, master of none.”

  2. I agree. Even with hair and make up it is always good when they focus in one area. Due to budget conscious clients, vendors are trying to make up money any way in which they can. Although we can all understand it, it is so much better to focus in one area and team up with another vendor that handles the other aspects. There are enough clients out there for everyone! 🙂

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