Edward and Bella’s Wedding| Twilight: Breaking Dawn|North Carolina Wedding Planner

So if you didn’t rush off and see Twilight’s Breaking Dawn this past week, then I forbid you to read this post. So by continuing to read you are confirming you have seen the movie. Good, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

So as I eat, sleep and breathe weddings, I paid extra close attention to every detail of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen’s wedding. I have to say… LOVE… I especially loved the benches. They look as if they had grown with the forest.

 I think Bella’s dress was beautiful with that truly sexy back. Elegant, classy with a vintage touch. The long sleeves did it for me. Living in the south, I don’t get to see that too often.

And guess what all you twilight fans and future brides to be. Alfred Angelo has made a replica of Bella’s wedding gown down to the old fashioned buttons. What makes it even better…the price at only $799.


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