Meet the Crew!!

We have searched high and we have searched low… but we couldn’t seem to get the right people to represent Made of Honor Weddings. It’s like trying to find the right babysitter, tutor, nanny for one of your children. Not just anyone can do it We have had countless interns who, although went through an extensive interview, fell short when it came to our expectations. Weddings is not all fun and games believe it or not. So we decided to go another route.  I have been watching a few people to see if they had the Right Stuff…LOL.

Meet Juanita!

Photo by Fox Fotography

Juanita Gilford first got her feet wet in the wedding and event planning business much like many others, by assisting friends with their events. She has built a reputation of being dependable, accommodating and meticulous. She thrives on being creative and loves to share her ideas with her clients.

While she loves traditional style weddings, she truly enjoys themed and cultural styles as well. Her goal is to make your day the least stressful as possible by ensuring all aspects are taken care of. She holds a degree in Business Administration and is currently working on her second in Management. Juanita is the mom to one beautiful daughter and the wife of her main supporter, Malcolm. “I’m excited and looking forward to working with you on your big day!”

Meet Luna!

Lunar Ngo was born in Silver Spring Maryland. Her education, and back ground is in emergency medicine and fire science. She has her  EMT license and is currently working on her fire science, but have always enjoyed planning events such as weddings and anniversary parties.  She has planned a number of Asian weddings from Cambodian, Chinese, to Indian.
“I’m looking forward to working with each and every vendor to make each bride have a memorable experience.”

Thanks to Fox Fotography for the images… but that is another blog 😉

Happy Planning!


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