No matter where you turn you are hearing r.s.v.p. What exactly does it mean..Répondez S’il Vous Plaît  ~translation… simply please respond. It gives your host a guest count, for chairs, tables, food, drinks, etc. Helps create a correct count. Would you want 10 unexpected guest showing up at your house unannounced? You’re left with scrambling trying to accommodate them. The same goes if you are an invited to guest to any function. From Backyard barbecue to extravagant wedding. Please keep in mind your host may be paying a caterer for you spot. So if you don’t rsvp and just show up…now  an extra place setting, food, chairs. If you rsvp and not show now they have paid up to $200 for your spot and you did not show. Frustrating either way. How upset would you be to show up and be turned away at the door because they could not accommodate you, it happens.Also if the invitation is addressed to you, do not assume it includes your entire family. Double check to make sure they are invited as well.  So the next time that invite shows up with those four little letters on it RSVP. Fill it out and send it back.

  • I will be attending
  • I will not be attending

One thought on “R.S.V.P

  1. RSVP is so important, especially for weddings, where brides are required to pay per person. While you have to assume guests have the best of intentions, unfortunately this seems to be a very common problem.

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