Oh My, How we’ve grown!

I was going through some old paperwork and folders and came across the folder of when Made of Honor first got off and running.It’s like finding your old kindergarten stories you wrote. All I could do was shake my head and smile. We have grown… oh my we’ve grown. It is good to see how MOH is growing in a positive direction. We have stumbled and learned from our mistakes. When we first started our contract was one page…. not even a full-page… and as we grown so has our contract. Now our contract is 5 pages.

2nd business card.. free vistaprint

Our logo was clip art from Microsoft Word…and I printed out the business cards myself (and a good note.. I worked at a print shop, so they were good quality). Our next business card, I am ashamed to say, was a free vistaprint  business card…complete with their website on the back. My next logo a fellow wedding planner created for me from a font. I loved it but it was a font after all… and the business card was still vistaprint but I eventually upgraded…LOL. The next which we have used for some years now, was our previous logo designed by  I Do Monograms. But although the logo was lovely, it was not what I have had in my head since the beginning of MOH.Third designed card

Originally we wanted to do themed weddings, more like,  medieval weddings. MOH represented honor and valance and all that great stuff. But as we grew our focused changed…we still do themed weddings of course but our focus now is the glamour, love, and ambiance that all weddings possess. Our goal is to help the bride achieve what she has envisioned and take it one step further.


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