Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine (Kate!!!)! 04-29-2011

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We all have grown up to the Disney stories of common girls finding their prince such as Cinderella and Snow white. I can still here the song “Someday my Prince will come” playing in the back of my mind. Kate has lived that dream for all of us. Prince William and Kate were married this morning in London. at the Westminster Abbey. Kate wore a beautiful gown, simple and elegant. It was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander.  I believe it was just enough and not overdone. Her bouquet was created by Shane Connolly. a small bouquet that consisted of hyacinth, ivy, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and myrtle. The lily-of-valley represents the return of happiness; sweet William means gallantry; hyacinth is for the constancy of love. Ivy and myrtle represent both love and marriage. Myrtle is said to be the emblem of marriage.

The first kiss was quick but Prince William made up with a second more fitting kiss.
This was truly a joyous event…not everyday does one become a princess.

If you missed you can catch a recap here


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