Leave It To the Professionals~ The Flowers!

I have written many blogs about hiring professional vendors for your wedding day. One reason is the simplest, we want you to enjoy your wedding day, not stress, and you and your family not to have to work on your wedding day. Enjoy the WOW factor of walking into a room and your vision is there…sometimes better. Before I get into it let me begin by saying I have nothing against DIY brides or DIY wedding projects. I think they add extra personality to the wedding. I made my own invitations and programs for my wedding, but it also ended up being rather expensive.

Now for the other reason. Professionals are professionals for a reason. We learn our trade. We have continued education and we have done many weddings to learn what not to do and what works.
I am by no means a florist, can I make a bouquet yes… but do I know how to care for it or how long before the wedding can I make it before it begins to wilt, no. I don’t even know the temperature in which flowers do best.

I recently was setting up for a wedding and when we went to get the flowers to put them out we (all the vendors) were shocked and upset.

The flowers basically looked as if they melted but they were placed in the refrigerator and the temperature was too cold. This wedding I was not the planner or the coordinator but I couldn’t put these out, I quickly gathered some flowers and do what planners do best…fixed it.

These beauties were sent from another planner, the day of the wedding this is what she found. So please think carefully when choosing your DIY projects. It may seem like you are saving money but in the long run it just causes stress and last minute scrambling.


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