How To Pick the Perfect Venue!

There are a few basic things to consider when selecting a wedding venue.

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First, pick locations that can accommodate your guests comfortably. If you plan on having 100 people attend your wedding, don’t choose a location that can only fit 75 people, or one that can fit 100 people with no room for other wedding activities.

Research any location requirements.

Some venues require separately held event insurance or private security to be on site. Many locations outlaw certain decorating practices, or allow beer and wine to be served but not hard liquor.

Do your homework to avoid any last minute surprises about your venue. Review all contracts thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Failure to follow all contract policies can cause you to lose any event deposits or receive additional bills. Organize your entire wedding budget before shopping around for a venue. Don’t tour locations that you cannot afford. Put deposit and full payment due dates on your calendar. Missing a payment date may result in losing your venue late in the game, or incurring costly late fees.

Book your wedding and reception venues early. Most venues suggest booking their space nine months to one year in advance. The closer you are to your wedding date the harder it is to find a suitable venue. Research venue locations online to read any site reviews. Consider writing your own review after your event to assist other people planning their weddings in the future.

Here’s a list of questions you may want to ask. These questions are often overlooked and forgotten.

What is your maximum capacity for a seated event?

Do you allow music and alcohol on the premises? Are there any restrictions?

Are tables and chairs available at the venue?

Do you require us to work with your preferred vendors?

What time will we gain access to the location? When do we need to be out?

Is the location available the evening before to set up?

Are there any additional insurance requirements?

Do you allow additional décor? Are there any restrictions?

What initial deposit is required?

When is the balance due?

Following these guidelines can help you choose your venue a little easier.

Happy Planning

Blog by Lindzi Thomas


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