Vendor Spotlight! Gwen Tundermann Photography

Vendor Spotlight:
Gwen Tundermann Photography
Your name? Gwen and Matt Tundermann

Company Name: Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography



Years in Business: 3

How did you get started? We started shooting portraits and events for friends. It was just a hobby, but it quickly led to referrals. Once we got our business license, it just took off on its own! Since the beginning, we’ve received most of our referrals by word of mouth, and we love it that way! We are fortunate to have amazing clients!

Best advice you can give to a bride:  It’s important to have a vision for your wedding, on how you want your day to go, where you want it to be, and all the details that go into that. You should always stay true to your vision. But also remember that you have lots of people who can help you realize that vision.

What has been your strangest request? We can’t think of any strange requests! If something is important to the couple, then it’s not strange!

Do you work with an assistant? I shoot with my hubby. We make a great team, and the bride and groom each get equal attention on the big day!

What would you say is your style? Bold, punchy, romantic and whimsical!

Who is the person you most admire? We both admire Justin and Mary Marantz. Not only are their images gorgeous, but they are incredible people. We are so inspired by their business philosophy, how their treat their couples, and how they are such a strong team.

Who is the person that inspired you? Same as above. We are huge Justin & Mary fans!

What is your proudest moment in your business? Getting our first magazine feature! It was a 2 page feature in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine, which is a magazine that inspired us when we planned our wedding in Jamaica!


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