The Essential Plan B- The Rainy Day

Unfortunately, we (the wedding planners) can not control the weather…yet. So to avoid huge disasters we have Plan B. What happens when you have outdoor ceremonies and the weather is not cooperating? Having a back up plan could you save your wedding day from being a wash out. Make sure your venue has an area that you can use just in case the weather turns sour. If they don’t have the space or you are using your yard, you should check into getting a tent. The tent should be large enough to accompany your guest, dancing, movement and room for vendor set ups such as dj, caterer,etc. But having a tent is not enough, you should also invest in flooring, otherwise you are looking into soggy, muddy feet. None of the ladies will appreciate their heels covered in gook.

If you are not having an outdoor wedding or ceremony and it is just the matter of getting from the car to the venue, make sure you have a large umbrella handy and someone to hold it for you. You will have your hands full with your gown. You may want to have an usher handy for those who are coming and didn’t have an umbrella handy just to escort them from their car into the building. Also have a place where guest can put there umbrellas close to the entrance so they are not dripping water all over the floors and prepping for a potential accident.

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