Top Money Sucking Mistakes

1. Incorrect Guest Count – I have seen it time and time again…empty seats, empty tables of guest that R.S.V.P-ed and didn’t bother to show up. Normally we ask guest to R.S.V.P at least a month to three weeks prior to a wedding but you really should call those guest who reserved first to reconfirm their arrival. When one hears you are getting married and they are invited, they are very excited for your occasion and want to celebrate with you but unfortunately life does get in the way.Call your guest a week prior to your final count due to your caterer just to double check. Most caterers and hotels ask for a final guest count at least 3 days to up a week of the event. so give Aunt Lucy a call just to make sure she’s still coming. You may not catch all of the M.I.A’s but you can catch most. Remember your are paying for each and every guest that attends your wedding.

2. Mark Ups– Yes, it happens. Being that you don’t get married everyday, you wouldn’t know what are good prices and what aren’t. Having a planner can help alleviate this problem as they know how to get the best deals. Beware of the “we do everything” vendors…ask for invoices…receipts directly from the vendors. Especially if you are giving them your entire budget and they are paying your vendors.
3. Extra Fees– Cork fees, cake cutting, clean up, etc. Depending on your venue these fees can add up. Make sure you know all fees upfront, before you sign any contracts. How much is it for overtime, security, chairs, tables. etc.
4. Poor Planning- Starting with budget…poor planning can send your pocket soaring. Decide the things that are important to you. Be realistic and responsible. Don’t invite the universe to your wedding…if you haven’t seen them or spoken to them in a long while…don’t invite them. For example, if you haven’t seen a person in 5 years why are inviting them? I’m sure your high school english teacher will not be offended. Your wedding day schedule saves you from overtime. Your wedding planner knows how long and in what order your wedding should go without your guest leaving early. Choosing venues that don’t fit your budget, yes its beautiful but what comes with the scenery.
5. Sight Buying- Your really excited about the wedding and start buying any and everything “wedding” you see; thinking “oh, this may be cute.” or “we may use this”. Sit down and think about the direction you want to go. Theme, color, design and go from there. The little purchases really add up.

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