Girl Talk!

View ImageI LOVE talking weddings. Not only do I get to hear the beautiful love stories but I also get to hear about the brides experience with their wedding vendors. Let’s face it talk goes a long way. One thing that I have shared with you is your vendors play a very important role in your wedding day. When you are planning, you sometimes get overwhelmed, after all,  we want to save money so we try to choose the least expensive vendor. Please don’t get me wrong, cost is important but don’t choose a vendor strickly off of this factor.   
 “One thing I didn’t like about my wedding is my photographer. When we met she had a great personality and her portfolio seemed great, plus she was less expensive then everyone else. But when I got my pictures I was so disappointed. The pictures were blurry and I didn’t get that many. I also told her I didn’t like posed pictures and all the candid shots were horrible.”

Well  it seemed like she did all the right things. But when I pryed a little deeper, the photographer didn’t have any candid shots in her portfolio. One way to avoid this is to ask to see more then one photo book. If this is a legitimate photographer they should have plenty. Ask for past brides references, this gives you a better understanding of how the photographer did the day of the wedding. Did they listen? Were they pushy? Did they occupy all of the couples time.
One of the things I love about one of my favorite photographers is that she is non-intrusive…like a ninja. You wonder how she even got that shot because you certainly didn’t see her.

“I asked my friend to take photos because he takes such nice pictures at our other events. The pictures were blurry and out of focus. He took alot of pictures of his girlfriend. He missed the cake cutting because he was eating. I can’t get upset with him because it was free gift. But I really wish I hired a professional. I can’t get that back.”

Your photographer is very important to your overall wedding day. They are capturing the memories you can never replace. A good part of your budget should go to photography. Why spend all that time planning to execute every detail perfectly then skimp out on the photographer.

“I don’t remember anything about my wedding. Everything was a blur. I dont’ remember our vows, I don’t remember our toast. The only thing I remember is my husband leaning over while we were at the alter and whispering…a bead of sweat just rolled down my back.”

 While pictures say a thousand words, a videographer can capture those moments you can never retrieve. Your vows, you and your fathers dance. the heartfelt toast from your people of honor. The best advice a preacher gave me one day is ~whenu have one of your marital moments and they will come. Read over your vows or pop in that video, it will remind you of why you got married. If neither of you can bring yourselves to say sorry. Leave a rose on the mantel or kitchen counter and that will be your way of saying I am sorry.

“I wished I hired a planner, at least a day of planner. My family and I were running around with our heads cut off. We didn’t know when things were suppose to begin. We were trying to decorate prior to the wedding and couldn’t find certain things. Everything started late and we ended up paying late fees on the photographer and the DJ.”

While everyone doesn’t need a planner for the entire length of wedding planning. Have a Day of Coordinator helps. They will coordinate a schedule and execute it to make sure everything is on time. If you have hired a vendor for only a certain amount of hours, the coordinator will schedule important things to be captured so the vendors won’t run into overtime. If they see something may be running behind, they can make important changes on the spot without interrupting the flow of your event. They also take care of problems as they arrive so you can relax and enjoy your day. You should feel like the guest of honor not an employee.


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