Your Planner has your back!

I recently had the pleasure of helping out fellow planner (Yes we do that). The family was very eager and anxious and kept coming to us for things that were already complete or were scheduled to be taken care of. You may think, hmm if it was “scheduled” to be done, then it wasn’t done. Well, there are certain things that need to be done, at certain times such as flowers being set out, ice for the glasses, etc. If things are done too early then it will mess things up. Ice melts, flowers wilt, you get the picture.
You have hired your planner either for the day of or been with her from  the beginning, trust she will do what you hired her to do. Unfortunately there is always someone who messes it up for everyone and gives us a bad name. This is why you hire experience, knowledge, professionalism and always check references.
If you are constantly trying to micro-manage your planner she will not have time to take care of the important details. If you have hired a vendor we are not so sure about trust us, we are already all over it. We are not responsible for the vendors you hire but we have your back!

Insert your planner for Mr. T.

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