Bridal DO’s

Bridal hairstyles are beautiful and elegant. Your hairstyle can complete your entire look. Up, down, curly, straight, finding the right hairstyle for you is very important. If you don’t have a regular stylist ask around. You do not want to do anything drastic to your hair  just prior to your wedding. There is nothing worse then waiting for your hair to grow back out because of a bad hair cut. If you are deciding to change your hair color, do it early.

Look for a hairstyle that compliments your face. If you decide to get hair extensions and never had them before, try it out before the day of your wedding to see how comfortable you are with wearing them. If you aren’t use to having hair in your face try it out, there is nothing more distracting then watching a bride trying to get hair out of her face during the vows.

Beyonce’ updo

Short bridal hairstyle
african-american loose hairstyle-

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