Now you see it…Now you don’t

Everyone wants to look their very best for their weddng day. One thing that always grabs my attention  is a bride in a gorgeous gown…and her tattoo. I have nothing against tattoos,(I have one myself.LOL) but it does stand out against a wedding gown. I hear some brides say it is a part of them and they don’t want to cover it up, but you also have the brides who had the ex’s name tattooed on them at an early age and doesn’t want David’s name showing and she is marrying Steven.

You can ask your make up artist if she offers airbrush and can she cover your tattoo so it won’t show. In addition to your make up fee, the fee for airbrushing can range from $25 to $45.

We have included some other temporary options.

3.5 fl ounces
1. Dermablend-This bottle cost about $26  and says it last about 16 hours. It recommends to avoid smudging to also apply the setting powder which is another $21.
2. ColorTration- Hypoallergenic. Available in 12 shades. It states that this can be used without a setting powder and covers up all types of skin flaws including covering tattoos. Although it says you don’t need a setting powder it recommends you use a barrier spray. For both it would cost you approxiamely $49. You can also order a trial kit for $17. Dries quickly so its best to mix before applying. A little goes a long way.

3. Tattoo Camo-This product comes with the concealor and setting powder. It will cost you about $34.95. It also recommends the remover which is another$17.95 or you can buy the kit which includes all three products for $44.95.

 As with any product you should test out on a small area of your skin to check for reactions. You should also do a trial run before the big day.


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