Relax, Relay, Release

I try to stress to all my brides it is important to take time away from your wedding plans. One day, one week, or one month (depending how much time you have to plan) step away from your to do list and just take time to breathe. Go to the movies with your fiance, enjoy a spa day, girls night out, whatever you choose to do, don’t think about wedding plans.Trying to do too much can make you feel overwhelmed. You are suppose to enjoy your wedding plans, as well as your wedding day. Let us handle the stress.


One thought on “Relax, Relay, Release

  1. This is a very important point. Sometimes brides get caught up with the excitement of wanting/needing to get everything done. It is important to turn off the list in your head and focus on you, but not in the wedding sense. This could possible keep the BRIDEZILLA aspect at bay as well!Great point MOH!Style you later!SIAN

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