10 Wedding Songs I Love

Over the years I have planned weddings, I have heard plenty of wedding songs. Old, new, weird and touching. The ones I have listed are my favorites and always tend to pull a tear or two. Music changes every day and you should choose a song that means something to you and your groom. I am sure you have seen the entertaining first dance songs all over the internet. Just remember,this is your wedding and have fun.

1. Your just too good to be true- Frank Voulli

2. The way you look tonight-Frank Sinatra

3. At last- Etta James

4. Unforgettable- Nat King Cole

5. Into the Mystic- Van Morrison

6. Your love amazes me- John Berry

7. Endless Love- Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

8.Spend my life with you- Eric Benet

9. Save the best for last- Vanessa Williams

10.Unchained Melody- Righteous Brothers

What’s your favorite wedding song? We would love to share them with future brides and grooms.

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