5 Ways to Beating The Heat: An Outdoor Ceremony

Its summer time and the weather is roasting, although summer is scorching hot it is still a popular time to get married. So if you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony here are some ways to help your guest beat the heat.


1. Provide cold water… we have all seen the labels you can attach to water bottles but make sure they will last if you store your water bottles in ice, or you can refrigerate them and only set them out just before your guest begin to arrive.

2. Set up your chairs under a canopy or a tent…this will prevent the sun from beaming down on your guest. You can set up a canopy on both sides of the isle and still look stylish by making it a part of your decor.

3. Provide hand fans…once again this can be your guest favors and you can still put your names and wedding date on the fans. You can buy all types of fans based on your style. You can even kill two birds with one stone ( pardon the expression, I like birds) by having your wedding program printed on paper fans.
4. Parasols…Providing your guest with beautiful, colorful parasols once again doubles and a wedding favor and a way to keep the sun off the guest.
Photo from The Brides Cafe’
5. Keep the time short…You don’t want your guest waiting long prior to the ceremony and you shouldn’t have a long ceremony planned if you are having it outside. If your ceremony and reception are in the same place see if the venue has a separate area where guest can wait and mingle and have the ushers seat the guest 20 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

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