How to survive the "Bridal Show"

Congratulations to all the new brides who recently got engaged. Wedding season is in the air and one of the most popular places to go…is the bridal show. Yes deciding on which bridal show to visit can be a hassle if you have to pay. The concept is a one stop shop, plan your wedding in one day. This is the furthest from the truth. You are overwhelmed with information and goodies from all the vendors participating and everyone wants your business.
You will receive a giant shopping bag once you arrive, this is to hold all of your goodies. The best thing to do if you truly like a vendor and want to schedule a consultation is to keep their information seperate from the…the bag of doom.

I remember long ago, going to a bridal show and placing everything in….the bag of doom. I tossed it aside once I arrived home and guess what….found it months later and just threw it away. So, I suggest to place your choice vendor business cards in your pocket or have one of your entourage hold them seperately. Everyone wants to schedule the consultation or get you to book. I do highly recommend that you sit and meet your vendor before just booking based off what you see and the bridal show. Unless, you have been following a particular vendor and just wanted to see what they were presenting at the bridal show. You want to make sure you get along, your personalities match and that your vendor will listen to you. Most consultations are free.Wear comfy shoes, there is plenty of walking. To save time print your contact information along with your wedding date on labels. Lastly, bring a camera…take pictures of your favorite vendor booths {ask permission), even if it is just for inspiration. Do not take their design to another vendor…bad form. Over all, don’t get overwhelmed enjoy yourself and don’t eat lunch prior. 😉

Happy Planning!

2 thoughts on “How to survive the "Bridal Show"

  1. Most vendors don't like when brides take pictures of their displays to take to another vendor. If they like what they see, they should discuss it with the vendor that created it, not take it somewhere else to be copied.

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