Behind the Scenes

I was the first to arrive of course. Had to unload the truck. It was a beautiful day. A bit hot but that’s Jacksonville, FL. especially in the summer.

Many times we are hard at work and never really have time to stop and take pictures of what we are doing. Here is a behind the scenes picture of one of our recent weddings at the Friday Musicale. We had to get there early to set up all the table clothes and chair covers. Once we got that set the florist was able to come in and set up the arrangements.

You are constantly double checking things to make sure everything is perfect. Detailed oriented is definitely one of the keys to success of wedding planning.

Just a quick sit down picture then back and running. Don’t worry, I do change before the ceremony and put shoes on. LOL.

Here is our newest intern Grace Morris. She is great. She jumped right in and got the job done. Good job Grace!

Here I am with the lovely bride Kimberly Wakefield-Aiken. She was dropping by before heading to the hotel.

I would just like to thank Cindy Coates who came out and took all of the photos for us. She even jumped in and put on some chair covers.


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