Vendor Spotlight: The Fusion Band

Vendor Spotlight: The Fusion Band (Allana Southerland)

Your name? Allana Southerland
Company Name: The Fusion Band
Blog on
Years in Business 9
How did you get started? My band started because I was performing at a bar and grill and someone liked the the way I played. They asked for me to form a band for the event they were having. I called it fusion because I fused alot of different members from different bands together to form it. That was it, The Fusion Band was formed. We now also offer DJ services and Cover 2, a sax and drum combo with background tracks.
Best advice you can give to a bride – Don’t stress out. Plan in advance and if it doesn’t go exactly right, it’s ok.
What has been your strangest request? To perform inside of a big glass bubble for the Superbowl in Jacksonville, FL. It was a party for football coaches and VIP. It was strange and fun!
Do you work with an assistant? Yes my husband helps me. He also plays drums in the band.
What would you say is your style? The band’s style is Variety. We can play anything from Old time Rock n’ roll to Jazz. Our clients enjoy the wide range for all ages and all occasions. We are also very professional.
Who is the person you most admire? My grandparents. They taught me to be an entrepreneur and at an early age I learned that. It has made me more successful in business. I also admire Kirk Whalum, the best contemporary saxophonist in my opinion!
Who is the person that inspired you? My teacher in high school encouraged and inspired me to achieve my goals and go further with my music career.
What is your proudest moment in your business? I was excited to perform for charities such as the United Way. I also enjoyed performing as the only female saxophonist in the University of North Florida’s Jazz Band.


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